Party political broadcasts of all persuasions are bursting at the seams with curiously on-message ‘ordinary members of the public’. The Tories’ latest offering is no exception, with talking heads expounding Conservative lines on the deficit, immigration and the cost of living.

But why are they all glancing towards the floor?

Tories looking at the floor

Tories looking at the floor

Tories looking at the floor

Thankfully, the bloke in the Denace the Menace jumper has an answer for us: he’s reading ‘lines to take’ from an iPad — his companion barely takes her eyes off the thing.

Tories looking at the floor

And where did the Conservatives find such a telegenic bunch? Perhaps at one of their own events — as this young gentleman demonstrates while reading from an iPad …

Tories looking at the floor

… with a Tory-branded roller banner clearly visible in the background.

UPDATE: Apparently the lines were being auto-generated by a Tory website (LINK) …

Here’s the full video …

  1. I was there that day in West Bridgford and I can assure you the iPad was purely there to show them the results of the online survey they’d just taken on the website (which was the whole point of the video!) – not a script!

  2. Secondly – of course there’s a Tory banner in the background!! The Tories were stopping people in the street to do the video – hardly a shock is it!

  3. You would have to have the memory Span of a Goldfish Mind you Michael Ggove does remind me of a puffa fish.
    Not to notice how stage managed these events are especially this Government that try and kid people in to parting with money that they are never liable to see just loo at the demographic of the people involved the Sikh Man looks about 70 and yet people still trus this Government,savage cuts in our Armed forces I think we may be hard pressed to beat The Swiss Guard at the Vatican let alone the Taliban.
    Zero hour contracts for more than a million people and now we are taking money from the Yellow peril the Chinese who have never had a democracy in their history and you have Cameroon Bowing and scraping to that evil Tyranny what is it North Korea we are going to trade with next.
    The most clueless bunch that have actually Governed this once Great Nation now we are playing second fiddle to despot pisspots and anybody who can get a foothold in this Country.

  4. Nice try “Ben”, but I think it’s been a long day in the Tory HQ office, and you can go home now to your bedsit.

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