With a tube strike set to disrupt London from 9:30pm this evening, hacks found Bob Crow in feisty form when challenged on his holiday — booked months ago but coinciding with the run up to industrial action:

“What do you want me to do, sit under a tree and read books of Karl Marx every day?”

And you’ll never believe where he booked it. Brandishing a page torn from the Daily Mail, Crow continued:

“They’re the ones that were advertising the holiday to go on. So they’re saying ‘go on holiday, but when you go you shouldn’t really be on it’. So why are they advertising the holiday in the first place?”

On Boris’ insincere offer to meet with him:

“The Mayor of London … he ain’t met me for seven years. I don’t see all the rush now I’m in Brazil. All of a sudden he wants to meet us. Perhaps he should have come out there”

“Now I’m back and he still hasn’t met me.”

The man does give good quote.

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