UIKIP's Louise Bours

The prospect of UKIP overtaking the Tories in the forthcoming Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election has given rise to claims of a stitch-up by party top brass — with the local ‘kipper chairman banned from running the process.

Names in the frame for the high-visibility contest include deputy leader Paul Nuttall and national executive member Louise Bours. As a professional singer and actress with a dutch father, Bours previously went under the name ‘van de Bours’. Indeed, she was still using this surname in UKIP as late as August 2013.

Louise van de Bours LinkedIn

But at some point during her ascent of the party ranks — eventually securing third place on UKIP’s north west regional list for the European elections in May — ‘van de Bours’ appears to have ditched her tussenvoegsel to become simply ‘Bours’.

Could a foreign-sounding surname be some form of impediment with xenophobic UKIP activists?

  1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    The recent Holyrood by-election in Aberdeen saw UKIP fielding a candidate, very brave of them.

    He was called Otto Inglis, Otto English!

    He lost his deposit.

  2. Gideon, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson…there will be more but the thought of researching this makes me want to scrub my hands.

  3. Simon Blanchard says:

    I think it a shame she’s felt the need to changed her name slightly, but these days names can make a difference to a specific audience. Actors/Actresses change their name as a normal part of their proffession, not just to fit an image, but to be as memorable and unique to its audience as possible. Being a politician these days has become a branch of the entertainment industry and is as much about selling yourself in the media as any actor on the silver screen or stage. I would have thought Van de Bours sounded better though, and I’m a UKIP supporter. Louise will go far in UKIP and i love to see her at UKIP events.

  4. No. What a stupid question. Farage seems to be doing ok and I’ll keep voting for UKIP for lack of anyone else standing up for this browbeaten country.

  5. An oddball party attracts oddball people- members who blame hurricanes on homosexuality, orthodox jews who refuse to shake hands with women, pretending that your nazi salute was an attempt to prevent someone taking a photo of you because you’ve irritated them by doing ‘impressions of a pot plant’, refering to women as ‘sluts’, attacking reporters & making embarrassing tumbleweed comments on HIGNFY. Then there’s the leader himself with his foreign wife, lap dancing clubs, bedding of prostitutes, tax dodging, etc.

  6. I thought an Afrikaans sounding name would be appeal to Kippers and Tory Uber Thatcherites – they adored Ian Smith in Rhodesia and were pro Apartheid , denouncing Nelson Mandella as a terrorist who should have been hung .

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