Cllr Matthew Palmer checking share prices

A Tory councillor has been caught checking share prices in a meeting about cuts. Photos taken from the public gallery during a Kensington and Chelsea council meeting clearly show Cllr Matthew Palmer perusing charts for various stocks on his council laptop.

While members discussed issues such as cuts to mental health services and council enforcement officers, Cllr Palmer seemed to be more interested in the performance of the following stocks:

Apparently this is a regular occurrence.

While the debate on cuts raged around him, Palmer showed what he really cares about.

  1. This does not surprise me. When I was a member of the Conservatives many years ago Matthew was very much for ultra-capitalism and a staunch free-marketeer. What can be said in his favour is that he is a genuine local, having lived in the borough all his life, but that should make him more concerned, not less, about the welfare of his constituents. Twenty two years on, having left the Conservatives in disgust, I find myself as leader of the small Populist Alliance party, which is staunchly opposed to cuts in jobs and services. Britain puts in more than we get back from the EU, we spend millions on NATO military interventions in the Middle East to help the USA policy of corporate expansion and we spend money on foreign aid that could be used to prevent these cuts from taking place. Furthermore, one sees money transfer shops on virtually every high street. One would think that in a recession the government would be taxing this heavily so that money earned in this country is spent in this country, rather than the high streets of say Poland, Nigeria etc. But that’s Matthew Palmer’s Tory free-market for you. It benefits the money men – not the ordinary worker.

  2. Westminster needs root & branch reform. to do this we need to have Regional Parliaments to take over while the process is taking place. Control must be shifted back to the people. The Scottish people are showing the way. However even they are not getting it right. Democracy in USA, EU, &UK is being smashed by “THE PEOPLE” losing control to NAZI KILLERS

  3. Joseph brown 8:40 pm
    The photos look genuine and seem to be just what a Tory Cllr, whose main interest is Investment, would do at a debate that doesn’t affect him.

  4. I can’t think of anything less ‘metal’ than checking your shares in a council meeting….maybe you meant ‘mental’? 😛

  5. Bertie Wooster says:

    Do we know how long he was on there? They could be extremly important news, might be paying a childs school fees?, the balding crown may suggest stress? How many boardrooms across the world contain people on their phones etc?

  6. He’s there to contribute to something that is central to his chosen career. If we all put our personal interests first when we were supposed to be working, how many would get away with it? If he’s so stressed about his finances that it’s disrupting his ability to function in his chosen work environment, he may well need to use the very mental health services he’s busy ignoring!

  7. I did some illustrations for Kensington and Chelsea council once – and everyone I met was a serious, dilligent council worker. One rotten Tory apple does not a rotten council make.

  8. Sarah Pipkin 6:54 am
    Investment is his chosen career. There is a hyperlink to Matthew Palmer’s profile on the Council website. Check Palmer’s declaration of interests.

  9. I go to plenty of meetings that effect me and a lot of them are repetitive and boring.
    Who’s not checked Facebook or your personal email during these meetings on your phone or laptop.
    Besides we can’t comment because we weren’t there and we don’t have all the facts. For example the meeting could have been 3 hours long and the MP could have checked all the share prices in 30 seconds.
    It’s all spin.

  10. David Newcomb: In 30 seconds? Investment is what Palmer does for a living.
    Now, where’s my iPhone? I had it with me when I went into the theatre. These lengthy transplant operations get so tedious.

  11. RE anonymous: Yawn…..who cares!- your apathy is the reason the right wing sociopathic policies are allowed to be visited upon the weakest members of our laughingly so called “society”, and the very reason they will continue to do so.

  12. Yes… the meeting could have been 3 hours long and the councillor could have checked all the share prices in 30 seconds.

  13. Not a complicated matter the dick head is moonlighting and misusing council property both sackable offences for council workers. While I accept he is not an “Employee” of the council he has been elected to serve the community who elect and pay him for the privilege. Why the double standards He is self serving toad.

  14. This is such a lame criticism. In Toronto they have a Mayor who smokes crack during his drunken stupors, and in the US there are countless officials convicted of drunk driving who have never served a day in jail or lost a bid for re-election. You Brits are amateurs compared to the corruption in the states, which we stole from you wankers in the first place!

  15. I would like to point out to the councillor mentioned that the government has agreed to sign up to the time to change pledge. Incase you were checking your finances when it was mentioned it’s a pledge to make changes to mental health stigma! It is not about ignoring it whilst you get paid for checking your stocks.

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