Cameron and Burley

Fatefully throwing their lot in with their Nazi stag do-organising MP, Cannock Chase Conservative Association have released a statement claiming that Aidan Burley has “told the whole truth in every aspect” to an internal party inquiry — despite compelling evidence that he lied.

While the Mail on Sunday published pictures and audio transcripts which clearly contradict Burley’s statements to Conservative peer Lord Gold, the Tories’ leader on the local council said:

“We’ve never doubted Aidan’s version of events and fully stand behind him as our MP.”

And in astonishingly poor taste, their press release also accuses MP Ian Austin — whose Czech father escaped the fate of other family members at Treblinka extermination camp — of running a “smear campaign” against Burley:

“This political smear campaign against him by Ian Austin and other MPs who have no interest in Cannock must end – enough is enough.”

The news comes after Tory chairman Grant Shapps backed Burley on the World at One yesterday:

 “Aidan Burley has quite rightly been subject to a report. It is absolutely right he has apologised for his involvement. It doesn’t represent where he stands. I think the matter is now closed.”

“It is a matter for the party but the inquiry has taken place some time ago. We consider the matter is now closed. He has apologised. It doesn’t benefit anyone to keep this running and running.”

With the charitable level of credulity offered to Burley, Shapps might as well have asked his fiancée to chair their so called “inquiry” — along with the Tory association which issued the statements above.

  1. NotQuiteBrummie says:

    I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the Chair of said Conservative Association being Burley’s fiancé.

    Oh well, this just makes them likely to lose more than just the next election in Cannock Chase.

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