While rumours abound that newly-reformed-pleasant-chap Tommy Robinson is looking to feather his nest through anti-extremism speaking and “consultancy”, it nevertheless comes as something of a shock to find the former EDL leader is to embark on a tour of SCHOOLS.

According to the Mirror, Robinson will be speaking to children about, errr, toleranceScrapbook has had a look through his Twitter archives to find out what he really thinks — in messages posted as recently as last August:

Tommy Robinson school tweets

Robinson is also a prolific re-tweeter of views he agrees with (or which praise him). Here’s one such message complaining about a school visit to a Mosque — presumably organised with cohesion in mind:

Tommy Robinson RT mosque visit

Having lapped up the publicity from brokering his exit from the EDL, anti-extremism think tank Quilliam seem to be getting cold feet about Robinson after they were wrongly linked to the tour. A spokesman was at pains to deny they were paying him for anything and told Scrapbook:

“Tommy Robinson isn’t doing anything for Quilliam. He’s not a member of staff here … He’s his own man.”

“We do outreach work. Tommy Robinson does other things and he’s not working here.”

Quilliam claim that his involvement with them has so far been limited to “mentoring” — including attending classes on Islam and “theological reform”.

So perhaps it’s Tommy Robinson being schooled — as opposed to the other way around.

  1. Would you attack a Ex gang member doing outreach in schools about gang violence? Unless you think their is no such thing as rehabilitation? What is wrong with this?

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