Maajid Nawaz with Kevin Carroll

With former EDL leader Tommy Robinson currently banged up for mortgage fraud, connoisseurs of goonish far-right behaviour are having to sate themselves with the antics of Robinson’s EDL sidekick Kevin Carroll.

Carroll sat alongside Robinson (and Quilliam Foundation executive director Maajid Nawaz) at the press conference heralding their exit from the EDL — and their rejection of violence and extremism.

“I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas.”

So, errr, why is Carroll now tweeting racist propaganda featuring guns?

As Islamophobia Watch observes, the image of a boy monk with a gun is superimposed with the words of Ashin Wirathu, a skilled propagandist credited with inciting a wave of anti-Muslim violence across his native Burma. Hundreds of people have been killed.

Wirathu has compared his nationalist movement to … the English Defence League.

  1. The article seems perplexed that Carroll and/or the EDL are mired in ideological confusion solely because they condemn the violence which is endemic to islamic theology while advocating self-defense and protection against this violence. The EDL’s position is perfectly reasonable. The EDL is not “pacifist” that is to say non-violence for its own sake at the expense of its members’ safety. They instead advocate “reasoned self-defense” which is a very logical response to islamists who use all available means to harass, assault and murder non-muslims. The Buddhist monk holding a handgun to protect himself against muslim abuse is the ideal symbol of the compromised position in which muslims have placed the entire non-muslim world. Because affirmative violence and jihad against non-muslims is doctrinal, is an essential component of their misguided ideology, non-muslims can no longer delude themselves that islam is a self-denominated “religion of peace” or that muslims are “peaceful.” Their actions and ideology are irrational features of a dark, patriarchal, atavistic Mesopotamian irrationality that will never be at peace anywhere in Europe.

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