Where's Mike Hancock?

UPDATE: See below for definitive proof Hancock has fled to Strasbourg.

Beset by scandal, councillor and MP Mike Hancock is now refusing to answer questions on the basis that he is ill:

“I don’t feel right and I don’t feel in a position to entertain this sort of discussion about my life at this sort of stage.”

“When I am feeling a bit better I will do what I have to do.”

But the truth is that the he’s actually on a jolly in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe. The MP is accredited as a representative from the UK and signed into both morning and afternoon sessions yesterday — and Scrapbook understands he’s there today too, with hacks briefed that he’ll be away “until early next week”.

Mike Hancock at Council of Europe

What’s more, he missed a meeting on massive job losses in his constituency in order to attend. Scrapbook fan Penny Mordaunt was at the session with the new Portsmouth minister Michael Fallon though:

Brass-necked Hancock even had the cheek to give the following quote to a local paper:

“We have to bear in mind that Michael Fallon has already got two other jobs. I just hope he has the time and energy to devote to the issues we are facing.”

This is coming from someone who has the “time and energy” to attend a foreign jolly — while lying about being ill and missing a meeting on job losses in his constituency.

UPDATE: With the attendance records uploaded overnight, here’s the definitive proof that Hancock attended both morning and afternoon sessions in Strasbourg yesterday — while other Portsmouth political leaders were meeting about massive job losses.

The proof that Mike Hancock skived Portsmouth jobs meeting for Council of Europe

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