Murder suspect Cllr Abdul Aziz with David Cameron in 10 Downing Street

As far as the Tories are concerned, opposition whip Tom Blenkinsop will be earning himself a reputation as one of the most irritatingly tenacious members of the Commons. And having seen his name on the order paper for PMQs, David Cameron rushed him a terse responses on various issues he had been doing his best to ignore.

One of these, raised yet again in PMQs today, was the case of a councillor invited to a Downing Street reception — when Conservative Party officials knew full well that he was wanted in connection with a murder in Pakistan:


But what Cameron’s officials didn’t tell him was that Cllr Abdul Aziz had defected to the Tories … after being suspended by the Labour Party over the allegations against him, which he denies. The PM parroted this line in PMQs earlier — misleading MPs:

The letter contains further evidence of the hilariously sloppy Number 10 operation in the form of a response to a question on Tory donors:

Cameron response to Tory donors to Blenkinsop

“No influence on policy”, eh? Scrapbook would like some of whatever Dave is on:

Beecroft Report

For the Tories, £600,000 gets you your own report!

  1. nelson goodfellow says:

    Was this the first occasion on which andrew mitchell had been refused permission to take his
    bicycle through the main gate?
    We understand that Andrew Mitchell lives not far from Downing Steet. Why does he need a
    bicycle if this is the case?

    Happy new year and happy cycling to you all1 xxx

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