Thwaites 'twat' sign
Thwaites 'twat' sign

With sixty employees at Lancashire brewery Thwaites facing the axe as the firm looks to relocate, workers appear to have hit back — by altering the neon ‘THWAITES’ sign on the town centre building to read ‘TWATS’.

The sign is mounted on a giant tower and is visible across Blackburn and much of East Lancashire.

Top photo: Alex Martindale / Blackburn Bugle

  1. I was so pleased to see this. After growing up in Blackburn and knowing friends and family who have been treated so badly by this company; it just goes to show that payback is a bitch. It’s about time someone did something.

  2. Thwaites Brewery in Blackburn was the Always Well known for its Beers and Supplied Most of the Pubs in Lancashire! Years Ago! Its Very Sad to see The Decline in the Business! I Appeal to the Board of Directors Not to Sack the Workers who Altered the Sign, but to put it Down to a Prank that Happened Whilst they were Stressed Out With Situation!

  3. I loved this! My dad used to work at Thwaites and was very unfairly dismissed. He told me this happened before. A former sparkie didn’t like the way he was treated so he did it and didn’t tell anyone. He simply said ‘everyone will know what I think of Twaites’ and when the lights were turned on, it was most certain that everyone knew what he thought! Legends!

  4. That’s wonderful. All power to you. My heart bleeds for those times (not so long ago) when this show of defiance was the norm. One day brothers and sisters, one day soon we’ll get back there again.

  5. Sums them up, I was unfairly dismissed from there about 6 years ago, the family running the show are ok, it’s the long term management who are commercially short sighted and are very much amateurs, they are still in the late seventies with their fags and pints, this indudtry has moved on unfortunately their mind sets haven’t, piss up in a brewery………..t

  6. As a former Blackburn girl I find this very funny.
    As a previous commenter wrote; All publicity is good publicity. It certainly sparked a discussion amongst friends last night about how good Thwaites’ beers are… Be grateful, Twats… Oops sorry, Thawaites! 🙂

  7. Well done to who ever did it, the management are probably looking to recloate down south, This is an institution, the drey horses etc, the sign to know you where nearly home, dont sack the people that did it SACK the greedy sods at the top

  8. Didn’t they do this in the first place because they were losing their job. So sacking them is just stupid..

  9. The guys who altered the Thwaites sign are heroes to every person who has felt the heavy hand of redundancy. For many a burden too heavy to carry. I can totally empathise with these guys as I too have been made redundant and apart from the obvious financial impact, the trauma of thinking you weren’t good enough can be soul destroying regardless of confident or mentally tough you felt you were. Thwaites along with all the other corporations who make redundancies not because they are going out of business, but because their profits have reduced by 0.1% and the directors bonus is cut, these companies should be held to account, as up there in their ivory towers they have no concept of what happens to the people who with their one stroke of a pen they condemn to the poverty line. Public services such as the council are probably the worst offenders servicing riddiculiusly exorbitant contracts with massive profit margins whilst condemning ordinary workers to the metaphoric scrap heap, whilst spinning stories of how hard they are trying to avoid these redundancies. Pure rhetoric of course. I doubt any of these employers will even think it but they should be ashamed of themselves if not they should be shamed like those guys at Thwaites did! All power to you guys you are real life heroes!!!

  10. i think this is great, but im surprised how many people have not read the headline properly! It says people have altered the lights BECAUSE THEY ARE FACING THE SACK. i cant see anywhere that it says the are facing the sack BECAUSE THEY CHANGED THE LIGHTS. Unless of course Ive got it wrong.

  11. absolutely awesome , best thing that’s happened in Blackburn for time , and if they weren’t screwing people over , most probably people that have worked for the company for years then they wouldn’t of done it would they now that is freedom of speech on a giant red bright light scale , A C E !!!!

  12. Ross Williamson says:

    Dear Thwaites mgmt…

    As an old Blackburnian I am totally disgusted at the management’s attitude to the current workers dispute. I live in LA and still look back home for an indication of common civility in the sickening world of the capitalist USA system. If the brewery is screwed, grow some balls and tell the workers that… If you are screwing them for the sake for profit then please leave. The brewery is not about share holders and profit.. It’s about beer and the skilled people who make it.. Stop being greedy f*ckers and take care of the people who take care of you…

  13. Graham Stubbs says:

    Corporations should be held to account for all their dubious practices. Companies seem to think its their right to alter job terms and conditions at their will. Anyone who knows the employment act knows that ” An employer may not change terms and conditions without prior consultation” This is an act of law that many of them are breaking. Police action? Don’t think they’d like to upset their masters.

  14. No one read the story right. Brewery workers facing sack alter THAWAITS’ sign to read TWATS. So the employees that did this where already facing the sack.

  15. No one read the story right. Brewery workers facing sack alter THWAITS’ sign to read TWATS. So the employees that did this where already facing the sack.

  16. maybe it should flash hate twats, greed at the top is whats killing this country and needs to be stopped asap.

  17. ruth Thwaites says:

    I have always worn my name with pride!!!!! Don’t let me down now….. Although I do think the artistic licence being used is top drawer ……. Thwaites. S beers get it sorted….don’t let my heritage down!!!!!! X

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