Tory propaganda tells kids: 'You're Thatcher's children'

With details of the Conservatives’ attempts to distribute party propaganda in schools emerging at the weekend, Scrapbook has managed to get hold of a copy of the ‘Citizenship & Democracy’ pack, which is embedded below. The full document is even worse than it appeared in the Independent on Sunday, with pages and pages of blatantly party political material.

Here are some of the quotes which didn’t make the SIndy — including a section telling kids that they’re “Thatcher’s children”:

“Regardless of our political affiliation, almost all teenagers of the 80’s are Margaret Thatcher’s children. By applying Conservative principles and values, she was able to achieve a real, lasting legacy for this country.”

“The Conservative Party is the party of fairness. Under the last Labour Government, people got paid more to stay out of work, top pay got out of control and bankers’ bonuses ballooned.”

“What is the most important thing the Conservative Party has accomplished whilst in government?” [Asked four times with responses from different MPs]

“The modern Conservative Party is on the side of those who want to work hard and get on in life.”

There is plenty more of this stuff in the embed below. Scrapbook’s favourite has to be the section about the rationale for door-to-door “literature deliveries”:

“This is the most common way for candidates to communicate with voters because it is cheap and less labour intensive than door knocking or telephone canvassing.”

But perhaps an even cheaper way is to deliver propaganda to a captive audience of students of whom your materials observe: “Soon you will you have the opportunity to vote for the first time [sic]”.

With an election imprint from 30 Millbank, the materials are undeniably the work of CCHQHere is Section 407 of the Education Act 1996, which obligates schools to offer “a balanced presentation of opposing views”:

Education Act 1996 Section 407

Given that they are effectively encouraging teachers to breach the law, perhaps Grant Shapps can tell us which schools and colleges have been given copies of these materials?

  1. This is hardly the most important part of the story, but: it’s not ‘telling kids that they’re “Thatcher’s children”’. Today’s teenagers weren’t even born in the 80s, and besides, the interviewee is talking about people who were teenagers in the 80s.

  2. Propaganda in this is used to mean information that somebody does not like, and wants censored. I am sure those who want it banned would be quick to defend pro-Labour information.

  3. none @ 5:28 pm:
    ¿No comprende?
    It’s not a question of banning because someone doesn’t like it. It breaches current legislation.

  4. “Following the results, the leader of the political party with the largest number of MPs is usually asked by the Queen to become Prime Minister and to form a Government.”

    That one’s specially written for Dave.

  5. I always wondered why I often read articles that call people Thatcher’s children. Now I know where it comes from.

  6. “Propaganda in this is used to mean information that somebody does not like”

    That is not the case.
    If you think the problem is purely that there are some who disagree and they are wrong in their assessment of this as propaganda, then you clearly do not understand what education is.

    Presenting a highly biased account of Thatcher in glowing terms as undisputed fact is propaganda. Party political leaflets have no place in the classroom.

    Tories have absolutely no rights even using words like “citizen” and “democracy” when they are doing all they can to deprive us of both. Not forgetting of course that we are officially not citizens but subjects of Her Majesty and therefore of HM’s Govt.

  7. >@none
    Posted December 17, 2013 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

    Propaganda in this is used to mean information that somebody does not like, and wants censored. I am sure those who want it banned would be quick to defend pro-Labour information.<

    Erm, nope! I'll thank you not to judge people by your own standards ta. Most of us believe that the deveopment of critical thinking for students is of paramount importance. Thankfully though, even school students are more savvy these days. A good social/media teacher would probably take the opportunity to use this diatribe as an example to educate them about the use of crude propaganda.

  8. I would love to be be given this and told I had to present it to a class, because then I would have to compare and contrast with several other party information distributions and ask the class to compare and contrast what they say in their information packs to what they do in real life.

  9. Hopefully their parents/grandparents, inform them of how she destroyed manufacturing & industry in the country & how they the people, have the priviledge to pay taxes over & over on the same money, to give politicians, salary, lots of expenses,2nd homes, healthcare, great pensions, a hardship fund, while U the taxpayer, now gets little in return & no longer has a safety net.1 of the lowest pensions in Europe.The present gov R selfserving, increasing bankers bonuses,against EU restrictions on it,only caring about the elite, big corporations & royalty.

  10. ireallymeanthis says:

    There can never be enough media brain-washing to satisfy the Tories, can there?
    One contributor doesn’t think that Labour would mind if the material supported their party. I think they would mind since Labour chose not to politically indoctrinate school children.

  11. does it tell them the conseratives are the party of high taxation while claiming to be the party of low taxation, unless your a millionaire?

  12. Every time I hear the phrase Thatcher’s children, I visualise those weird emotionless kids from the movie Village of the Damned. Funnily enough, they all looked like young Boris Johnsons. Now that’s what I call spooky.

  13. Very odd that this scandal hasn’t been reported anywhere else. Would have thought the Guardian would have at least reported it.

  14. Albert Pretender says:

    Wow! I didn’t know that. I always thought that privatisation was her child and so was closing all the coal mines!.

  15. We’ve noticed that they call Stewart Andrew MP ‘Andrew Stewart’ right? They probably shouldn’t be distributing things in school if they don’t even know the names of their own MPs…

  16. Maggie Thatcher tried to destroy the working class voice,she did indeed destroy manufacturing in this country for what to control the working classes. Now the same workers if indeed they are working what are they earning in call centres etc. We need help against these dictators and that is unions.

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