Simon Hughes

Years of lies and hypocrisy during coalition rule have left Simon Hughes a social democratic husk — and an ideal candidate to join the government! Here’s a run-down of duplicity from the new minister of state for justice:

  • Calling stealth privatisation in the Health Bill “unacceptable” … then voting for it at every stage
  • Lying about abstaining on parliamentary votes affecting housing rights for thousands of his constituents
  • Applauding gay marriage at Lib Dem conference … after abstaining during third reading citing his religious views
  • Saying that the benefit cap should be dropped … after voting with the Tories for it
  • Telling the Commons that councils should have planning powers to restrict betting shops … then voting against such a measure
  • Claiming difficulties during the London riots “demonstrated the case against cuts” to the police … then voting to cut the police
  • Calling for the NHS Risk Register to be published, then saying “governments are entitled to resist requests for information”
  • And, of course, saying that he wouldn’t take a government joband then taking one!

More Simon Hughes shenanigans are available in our full archive.

As a Scrapbook has observed before … Hughes has behaved like a man who doesn’t realise that parliamentary votes are recorded.

UPDATE: Some more examples from readers …

  • Saying of the bedroom tax: “it is not practical to insist that people move if there is nowhere for them to move to” … and then voting to keep it.
  • Repeatedly voting to reduce local authority budgets … then claiming that councils’ cuts were “politically motivated”
  • As a closet bisexual man, being elected to parliament off the back of the most notoriously homophobic campaign in British political history.
  1. ghost whistler says:

    The next time this creature appears on Question Time, someone should bring this list and put it to him. Expose him for the turd he obviously is.

  2. The Internet is encyclopaedic, with a long memory (there is a new profession of distorting the WWW, 1984 style). Political hypocrisy dates back to the stone age – but is now published. I think we will stop voting for people and parties and vote only for separate issues – like the Scottish Referendum. The technology exists and the majority of voters despair of the current system. Strictly Come Voting – Referendum politics.

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