Tommy Robinson with Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam Foundation

Anti-extremism group The Quilliam Foundation has denied suggestions it was threatened with closure before making the high stakes gamble of jumping into bed with convicted thug and fraudster Tommy Robinson. Speaking to Scrapbook, a spokesman for the organisation also refuted claims its financial circumstances had forced it to explore the possibility of a merger with other organisations.

While the issue of Quilliam’s “challenging financial situation” was raised as a possible motive for engaging with Robinson — and expanding their anti-extremism franchise to the far-right — figures from the Home Office released this week expose the precipitous collapse in public funding for the group:

Home Office response to Quilliam Foundation FOI

Indeed, the Foundation told Scrapbook that they now receive no public money, despite a statement on its website that it “is funded by both private and public funds”.

The confusion about money is at least consistent. They told the Guardian that their annual report — containing key financial info — had “gone missing”.

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