Britain Isn't Eating / George Osborne

While Treasury ministers have seemed loathe to disclose details in parliament, Scrapbook can reveal that George Osborne finally visited a food bank on 25 October — just eight months after David Cameron and ten months after he was invited to do so by the chief executive of the UK’s largest food bank network.

During his visit to Bethel Food Bank, which helps to distribute up to one tonne of food aid each month, Osborne actually spoke to a user of the service — in marked contrast with David Cameron, who refused to meet any struggling families. If this was an attempt to the neutralise the issue he has failed, however, with a petition on UK hunger from ‘poverty cooking’ write Jack Monroe poised to cross the threshold for online petitions to be debated in parliament.

Trussell Trust boss Chris Mould told Scrapbook:

“We are pleased that George Osborne dropped in to his local foodbank. We encourage all our foodbanks to engage their constituency MPs because foodbanks are a vital part of civil society. It is very important that MPs understand how foodbanks work, and that they meet the people foodbanks help.”

It only took him 308 days.

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