Lord Freud

With Iain Duncan Smith’s reputation in tatters over the botched delivery of his flagship Universal Credit policy, his shameless millionaire DWP minister Lord Freud — the man who tried to blame food bank queues on charitieshas advanced the most fantastic excuse yet for their failure:

“Frankly, why should we hurry with the most vulnerable? My own view is we should take as much time as it takes to get these people safely into the new system.”

Scrapbook cannot resist observing that protecting “the most vulnerable” isn’t a notion which seems to have informed DWP policy hitherto.

Freud has been dubbed ‘Lord Diddums’ after his complaints to colleagues over press coverage of his clangers. With ministers on strict orders to refer to the bedroom tax as a ‘spare room subsidy’ to make it sound less cruel, Freud’s recent clangers include parroting this line — beforereferring to the policy as the ‘bedroom tax’ himself.

What an utter berk.


  1. And while you will sit there in that room, dodging all these people. all you mps, who think you bigger and better than the rest of the UK need to pull your finger out, look at the real time statistics and offer better jobs. It’s not all about money its about saving lives.

  2. This exposes the parralell world these privileged cretins live in. People like this should never be put in a postion where it’s their job to look after the interests of the poor and most vulnerable. It’s the equivalent of putting a pedophile in charge of a children’s school, they have no empthy. I would call them evil, but that’s letting them off the hook,

  3. You’re being unfair to Berks there. My description of Lord Freud would include the words ‘heartless’ and ‘c**t’ and that would be me being kind to him. Never was there an individual for whom the phrase ‘lower than vermin’ was
    more appropriate.

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