Lynton Crosby

A libel case in Australia could see David Cameron’s controversial adviser Lynton Crosby officially branded a hypocrite. Crosby and his business partner Mark Textor — who hit the headlines last month for a racially-charged comment about an Asian politician — are suing a former Aussie MP for accusing them of “push polling”.

Mustachioed Mike Kelly had claimed on Twitter that their political consultancy had attempted to influence voters by contacting them under the pretext of an opinion poll — but then asking them politically loaded questions:

“Always grate [sic] to hear moralizing from Crosby, Textor, Steal & Gnash. The mob who introduced push polling to Aus,”

But using the defence of “contextual truth”, Kelly’s legal team will argue that the tweet contains an implied charge of hypocrisy, which is serious enough to supersede anything about push polling.

This isn’t the only example of Crosby’s legal bullying tactics.

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