Lincolnshire UKIP expulsions

Having swept to victory in 16 seats at May elections, UKIP became Lincolnshire County Council’s official opposition group. It has taken the party just six months to complete a process of total meltdown culminating in the expulsion of five councillors last night.

The members were expelled for joining a UKIP breakaway group on the council created by the party’s former leader in the county, Chris Pain, who had already been driven out of UKIP after a row with top brass.

Cllr Pain may be familiar to Scrapbook readers (and Lincolnshire Police) as the owner of a Facebook page on which the following racist rant was posted:

“Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ********* and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-********, raghead ******** with you.’”

With a UKIP spokesman saying that UKIP Lincolnshire “is not a name the party will permit for a breakaway group, led by a man who has been booted out of the party”, the plotters have christened themselves UKIG — United Kingdom Independence Group.

The episode is yet another question mark over the strength of UKIP’s operations in what should be key areas. With party spinners briefing they would be in with a shot at the Ribble Valley seat if Tory Nigel Evans were to be convicted on sex charges, Scrapbook has previously revealed that their local operation was in disarray.

We wish UKIG well on their inevitable slide towards political oblivion.

  1. So Labour is now the “official” opposition (Con 36, Lab 12, UKIP 10, Ind 8 — and another 2 who are independent Independents, UKIG 6, LibDem 2). Looks like herding mice at the crossroads.

    However, all it needs is three of these dissidents formally to accrete with the Tories for that magic majority, all the way to 2017.

    Just what the yellow bellies voted for?

  2. .. and with UKIP MEPs voting against budget changes that would save the UK £352 million, they really are worse than a waste of space.

  3. “Meltdown”. Where have I read that recently? Oh yes, it’s the word used to discuss another flash in the pan where 3 UKIP members have left to join Mike Nattrass’ single issue protest party. That’s not a meltdown and neither is this. Chris Pain was already clinging on to the whip by the tips of his fingers before the election and the councillors that have decided to join him as good as wrote their resignation letters as soon as they did it. I’m surprised it took this long to pass judgement on them.

  4. I have considered voting for UKIP but UKIP doesn’t seem to know its head from its ar*e.

    Following UKIP’s support for a Swiss based multi-national* against the interests of the 1200 British workers at the Grangemouth facility, who returned to work on less favourable terms to keep the business going, I find myself very disappointed.

    It looks more like support for big money than support for UK interests.


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