• Councillor Abdul Aziz wanted over ‘revenge’ murder in Pakistan
  • Conservative Party have confirmed arrest warrant is genuine
  • But MP Andrew Stephenson still invited him to Downing Street

Murder suspect Cllr Abdul Aziz with David Cameron in 10 Downing Street

A man wanted in connection with a brutal murder has been brought to Downing Street and introduced to David Cameron by a Tory MP. Conservative councillor Abdul Aziz — accused of ordering a a ‘revenge killing’ in northern Pakistan — was brought to a party in Number 10 by East Lancashire MP Andrew Stephenson.

Cllr Aziz is one of four subjects of an arrest warrant over the murder of a man gunned down with a .44 calibre rifle and handgun in Gujrat province last year. He was invited to Downing Street by Stephenson despite widespread local knowledge of the killing and the local Tory party confirming that the warrant below is genuine.

Abdul Aziz arrest warrant

Aziz has denied involvement and has claimed he wants to clear his name — but is refusing to visit Pakistan, knowing he could be arrested as he steps off the plane. Aziz boasted of meeting David Cameron and thanked Stephenson, who briefed the visit to the local press:

“I was proud to see the Prime Minister and enjoyed myself, really. I shook hands with him and he welcomed me.

“We had a great chat with Andrew Stephenson, too, and we thank him that he recommended us to be invited by the Prime Minister. It was great.”

The councillor joined the Conservatives from the Labour Party, where he had spent months on suspension as party bosses investigated the allegations. Yet despite the murky circumstances of his defection, Aziz was welcomed to the fold with an article on Conservative Home and a photo opportunity with Stephenson and MEP Sajjad Karim.

Relatives of the murdered man — who live in Andrew Stephenson’s Pendle constituency — are said to be distraught at the hospitality showered on Cllr Aziz by their MP when he has refused to answer the charges against him.

Stephenson refused to comment when Scrapbook rang him moments ago … Let’s see how far that approach gets him.

UPDATE: Stephenson’s East Lancashire neighbour Graham Jones MP is writing to Grant Shapps:

  1. If you look at the arrest warrent it is the sort that anyone can “purchase” in Pakistan…

    I could buy one of these tomorrow for any person for any charge I wanted.

    Also you are wrong to say he could be arrested as soon as he steps off the plane… These arrest warrents aren’t anything like our arrest warrents in the UK. The Police would NOT arrest him with the type of warrent.

  2. Jaz you clearly underestimate the judicial system in Pakistan. As a resident in Nelson, it is common knowledge that the reason why Mr Aziz wont go to pakistan is [EDITED. PLEASE MAKE SURE MESSAGES ARE NOT PREJUDICIAL. THERE HAS BEEN NO TRIAL.] And the cheek of our MP to take him to Downing street really takes the biscuit!!

  3. is this like the Labour lot inviting a Brighton Bomber to Party Conference ?
    Same thing or different ?

  4. I don’t have a clue about whether he is guilty or innocent.

    But I do know that with this type of arrest warrent Mr Aziz would NOT be arrested if he went back to Pakistan. He would have to report to the Police station in his own time to give his version of events. He wouldn’t even have to report to the police station on his next visit if he didn’t want to.

    These types of arrest warrents are a joke and everyone knows it.

  5. Funny the likes of Graham Jones and Labour were not all that fussed about Abdul Aziz supposedly being a murder suspect when he was in the Labour Party but are now. How times change!

  6. Abdullah Zaid says:

    Councillor Aziz was elected in May 2012 with the full support of Pendle Labour who were aware of the incident in Pakistan which occurred during the local election campaign when Councillor Aziz was in the UK.
    Earlier this year Councillor Aziz became increasingly disillusioned with the activities of the Labour Party in Pendle and refused to support a candidate and was subsequently suspended his membership in June 2013. Their minutes of the meeting prove this was due to Councillor Aziz’s refusal to support a selected candidate and was not related in any way to the incident in Pakistan.
    Once Councillor Aziz left Labour and worked as an independent councillor until Sep 2013 and then he joined the Conservative Party, Pendle Labour led by few senseless individuals immediately embarked on a malicious campaign to smear the reputation of this well liked and well respected man.
    Councillor Aziz has not been contacted by the police or Pakistani authorities. He has not been charged with any offence, no warrant has been issued for his arrest, nor has he been convicted of any offence. Yet Pendle Labour describe him as a wanted criminal – All Labour lies.
    Same senseless individuals used this sort of campaign against Lib-Dem candidate in the previous elections assisted by MP of that time now they have miss-led Graham Jones MP.

  7. Mohammed Iqbal says:

    Oh dear abdulla zaid is clearly trying to defend his close associate, what he has forgotten to mention is that he is an employee of a Tory North West MEP , let me remind him what his party said in response to the newspapers previously and I quote “When Coun Aziz was shown the document this week he confirmed that he was aware there was an order for his arrest.The Conservative group have now launched a ‘wide-ranging’ investigation into the allegations and say lawyers have confirmed that the document is genuine.”

    If abdulla and abdul aziz are now saying the arrest warrant is false then why did the conservatives say it was genuine previously!!!

    For fellow readers abdulla is also in the picture with the Prime Minister….

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