As MPs related the impact of the Bedroom Tax on the poor and disabled yesterday — notably Stephen Pound, whose own brother uses his so-called ‘spare’ bedroom for kidney dialysis — one Tory in particular seemed aloof to their plight.

Retired British Army officer Bob Stewart was clearly visible snoozing behind Anne Main during early exchanges.

Did someone say ‘disgrace’?

(Thanks to Ross McCafferty for pinpointing the time)

  1. If 47 Labour Mos had turned up… including Chris Bryant, the shadow welfare reform blokey, then maybe the bedroom tax would be a thing of the past. After all didn’t Bryant say on October 14 that if the Tories don’t rid us of this this cruel and unfair tax, Labour will. He might have added, if we can be arsed to turn up.

    If Liberal Democrat MPs had any substance to them at all, instead of a hunger for their one chance of power, they would have voted against it. What Liberal actually agrees with this?

    The Tories are singularly without any redeeming features. And this fat slob should be sacked for sleeping on the job. If he worked for Tesco he would be; if he worked in a government office he would be; if he was on a government scheme, he would be.

    Why are we paying the fat bastard to sleep?

    Probably too much subsidised drink at lunchtime I wouldn’t wonder.

  2. Disrespectful c*** we have 2 daughters one is 10 the other 15 we have a 3 bedroomed house we had to move 2005 to here from a 2 bedroomed house due to something that happened to my then 7 yr old daughter so she needs her own room we have to pay bedroom tax and we’re on benefits we struggle to keep up were in arrears even though my eldest daughter is 16 in less than a year we have to pay it makes me angry it’s not fair that mps have 2nd homes they don’t need that they claim for sick of it Cameron Needs sacking infact the whole government needs sacking 🙁

  3. No Nicola – Not sacking as they’ll NEVER allow That to happen & in fact? Now they’re In power? They’d probably engineer & FIX the rules to Stop them Ever being kicked out as they’ve Tried to change the rules re’ protests so people can protest but it never ACHIEVES anything real?

    No what these disrespectful near Deaf (deliberately selectively deaf?) utter Parasites Really Need? Is lining up & shooting ALL of them – Labour, Lib-Dems And Tories or at the very Least? We really Have to remove them by FORCE as only Then when we destroy the whole system along with those who profit from it? Will We the people be able to FORCE change & Build a government that cares about Us & what matters to Us the people? This mob Stopped caring about such things a Looooooong (5 decades or so?) time ago & now? They tax & stop people creating wealth to the hilt & allow us Just enough to live but They take the rest? Well? I say this? I say that the day Will come? When the Whole country (All the groups, normal/disabled, employed/unemployed/All ethnicities & Religions) Will see just What this government’s been doing (as all the others have Since 50 odd years ago or so in playing divide & rule with All those groups?

    And then? They will say “NO more” Rise up in force & however many police or bodyguards the government then use (& They WILL? So desperate will they be to cling onto power) to Try & defeat that revolution WHEN it happens (it will – Mark my words……) It won’t matter as however many they have? Hundreds of thousands even? They can’t & WON’T defeat the millions – The Poll Tax Riots showed that – As did the street riots a few years ago? They may or may not be caught unprepared but however much force they may muster? When the people have had enough & the civil war/mass uprising/huge riots/massive civil disobedience/All of them?

    Which is Also known as the people “Finding Their voices & remembering THEY are in charge?” comes? It can & Will swamp the government & the whole system it’s dedicated to protecting More than looking after it’s own people now? And it will sweep them away & destroy them as they so richly deserve – And IMO? The sooner that day comes? The better for the UK because Nicola until that day DOES come? Change will be an idea & will not be accomplished until we tear Down that system & All the barriers To change it’s put in place so as I said? The sooner it comes? The better for All here. I would say I hope it happens without to much upheaval or fighting/riots but I have a feeling? That the Government & (very corrupt?) Political class in the UK? Will hang on by their fingernails to power & have to be removed From it? One finger at a time? But they WILL be? Mark my words, soon enough? That day Will come…………

  4. Probably not as extreme as my first post but? I DO think the whole system NEEDS dismantling &/or destroying & will HAVE to be before any Real Change takes place that will benefit the people of this country with a government that cares & governs For them & Not itself? And until that happens (however it is achieved?) We will carry on down the same dead ends we’ve been going down for the past 5 or so decades? The politicians right now? Would be fine with that as it’s What keeps them in power? The one thing they Don’t want (& the reason Why they spend So long Trying to set different groups against one another?) Is people to give up on All of them & disown/try to Change the system as a whole as if enough do do that & it looks like things will Have to change? You can bet the current political class will do any & All they can to prevent that but the fact remains? Change has to happen & soon & in fact? It’s long, long overdue & the sooner it arrives? The better & then some………..

  5. richard vaughan says:

    why are you lot complaining if they sleep they cant rob us poor git it must be hard not paying for anything food,travel,rent .all free and a few back handers for downing nothing

  6. Just to let everyone here know, that man has done more for this country than the rest of the government put together, he’s done more than any of you will ever do, I have personally followed him to hell and back, and would gladly do so again, I would have no hesitation voting for him if he was my MP.

  7. I also will back Colonel Bob Stewart MP up as he was my commanding officer of 1 Cheshire when I joined the British Army, like has been mentioned before he has done more for this nation than every MP rolled into one AND probably more than anyone here..
    He has completed a FULL and very long Army career with the The Cheshire Regiment/Government and if I am not mistaken I would guess he he STILL a military advisor to the government and probably has commitments outside of debates..
    He led the the 1st Battalion 22nd Cheshire Regiment into Bosnia as the FIRST British troops to enter one of the most EVIL conflicts since WWII.
    Thank You

  8. Wouse for that planet do these MP’s live on…….not this one. There is not enough 1 bedroom places for people to be in the right house for them. So councils can only offer them 2 bedroom houses or flats. This only affects people on benifits… again hitting people who can’t afford it.

  9. And these Tory Scumbags are running the counntry? One asleep on the job while another defends an indefensible obnoxious policy – shame on the whole sorry shower including the LibDem Quislings who support them and keep them in office.

  10. if I could work his job I could do even on my meds a can sleep only I might have to lay down???? WHAT A JOB if there were jobs avalable that you can sleep through we all would get,,,,,…………….. THE SACK???? THATS WHAT HE NEEDS AS WELL AS FEW OTHERS SLEEPING IS FOR HOME OR IN PRIVATE NOT IN THE COMMENS

  11. I like many was disgusted to see Tory Mps joking aongst themselves whilst a harrowing story about the suicide of one of the victims affected by the pernicious bedroom tax. I was also disgusted at the above photograph of an MP snoozing. It is very sad if this man, whom I did not know but now do, had a distinguished career in the army and sadly has ended up falling asleep in a serious debate to prevent suffering for thousands of his own citizens, who are fighting their own battles. Perhaps he should do the honourable thing and call it a day… because unfortunately this is bound to upset many vulnerable people…. Many people have had successful careers/vocations where they have made a huge difference to the lives of others these are our unsung heroes and heroines…. and |I thank them too…

  12. Obviously nobody took any notice of what I said, this man has had and has more responsibility than the average moron MP.
    He is also a respected military advisor to the government, in other words he doesn’t just sit their in a room full of dickheads, at least he turned up to vote and I will bet you voted in favour scrapping it..
    You people have no clue..

  13. Frederick Robinson says:

    Perhaps the Conservatives should pay the bedroom tax on their occupation of the green benches on their side of the Chamber.

  14. Before people jump to assumptions please do your homework on someone and educate yourselves.

    Early life

    Born to a father serving in the military, Stewart was selected for officer training at the age of seventeen, and after two years of training at RMA Sandhurst was commissioned into the Cheshire Regiment as a second lieutenant on 25 July 1969.[6] He was promoted to lieutenant on 25 January 1971.[7] In 1974 he undertook an in-service Bachelor’s degree in International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, graduating with first class honours.[8][9] He was promoted captain on 25 July 1975.[10] He guarded Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison, Berlin.[5]
    Career in Northern Ireland

    From 1977 served in Northern Ireland both as intelligence officer and, after attending Staff College, Camberley and promotion to major on 30 September 1981, company commander of A Company 1 CHESHIRE, with an intermediate period spent at RMA Sandhurst as an instructor.[8][11] During his career in Ulster he was the Incident Commander at the Droppin Well bombing in Ballykelly which killed seventeen people.[12] Stewart heard the explosion and arrived at the scene two or three minutes later. Six of the dead soldiers were from his company, including his clerk and storeman.[13] He received a personal commendation from the General commanding in Northern Ireland for his actions on the day.[8]

    He went on to a series of appointments over the coming years. He served in the Ministry of Defence, and was second in command of an infantry battalion. He was promoted lieutenant-colonel on 31 December 1987,[14] and served as a military attaché to the NATO military committee in Brussels.[15] In March 1991 he assumed command of 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment,[16] and as commanding officer returned to Northern Ireland for a further two operational tours and then became the first British Commander of United Nations forces in Bosnia from September 1992 to May 1993. It was as commanding officer in Bosnia, as part of Operation Grapple, that he earned the nickname “Bosnia Bob” and became something of a media personality.[17] During his time in Bosnia he discovered the Ahmići massacre in which 103 people were killed.[18] He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order on 12 June 1993 on his return to the United Kingdom.[19] He was promoted colonel on 31 December 1993,[20] and went on to take up the position of Chief of Policy at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe,[8] before officially retiring from the army on 1 February 1996.[21]
    Career after the army

    In 1997 Stewart took three weeks’ leave from the public relations company Hill & Knowlton to help his friend Martin Bell who was standing for Parliament in Tatton as an Independent candidate. Stewart was alongside Bell when they were confronted by the sitting Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency, Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine on Knutsford Common.[22] Bell, who was opposing Hamilton as a result of accusations that Hamilton had accepted money for promoting causes in Parliament, gave Stewart the credit for defining his criticism of Hamilton as having already admitted to “conduct unbecoming”.[23]

    Since leaving the army Stewart has become a well-known commentator upon military and political affairs, frequently commenting upon the defence policy of the British Government and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.[24] Recently, he has condemned the treatment of injured soldiers, accusing the MOD of acting with “the speed of a striking sloth.”[2][25][26] and also accused the government of repeatedly refusing the requests of army commanders for more troops and more helicopters in Afghanistan.[27]

  15. All you idiots who think it is a tax, it is not. You are not paying it. It is a charge on under occupancy and quite right too. Useless lazy spongers. Work harder, or get a job, if you want a bigger house. Like the rest of us.

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