David Cameron facepalm

Speeches focusing on the themes of accountability and transparency are among those deleted from the Conservative Party website in a massive purge of a decade’s worth of information.

Among the transcripts to have been sent down Orwell’s Memory Hole is a Ted Talk given by David Cameron on the “next age of government” in which he eulogises the “vast opportunity for people power” presented by, errrr, the public’s access to searchable information online:

The hypocrisy of the censorship attempt exposed by Computer Weekly is overwhelming in the context of the speech, in which Cameron claims the internet is uniquely positioned to to advance the conservative principle of individual freedom:

“And if you marry this fact with the incredible abundance of information that we have in our world today, I think you can completely, as I’ve said, remake politics, remake government, remake your public services.”

And on a transparency initiative in Missouri:

“Now here, on one website, one state in America, every single dollar spent by that government is searchable, is analyzable, is checkable.”

And how the “information revolution” will introduce searchable websites to reform healthcare:

“… all of the information that would once be locked in the Department of Health is now available for all of us to see.

On his plans for transparent government spending:

“In this country, if we win the election, we are going to make all government spending over 25,000 pounds transparent and available online, searchable for anyone to see.”

Scrapbook guesses deleting ten years’ worth of information wasn’t on message for TED.

Guido Fawkes has memorably described the episode as “the political equivalent of being caught deleting your internet history by your wife”.

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