Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, CBeebies

The Scottish Government’s independence white paper — launched at a press conference with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon earlier — gets to grips with the really big issues … namely being able to watch Brucie on Strictly.

A partnership between a license fee-funded Scottish broadcaster and the BBC, which would ensure that:

“Current programming like EastEnders, Doctor Who, and Strictly Come Dancing and channels like CBeebies, will still be available in Scotland”

The proposed arrangement would see a Scottish service “based on the staff and assets of BBC Scotland”, which would continue to produce content in partnership with the BBC.

They can keep River City though.

  1. Your posting on this would have been more humerous if desperate Unionists hadn’t made this issue such an important strand of their scare stories. After they had done so, it’s only proper that the Scottish government address the issue.

  2. Can tell whoever wrote this hasn’t got young children. Teletubbies is no longer shown on Cbeebies – and hasn’t been for a long while.

    Picture would have been better if taken from In The Night Garden with Sturgeon as Upsy Daisy and Salmond as Iggile Piggle.

  3. Dexter St. Clair says:

    What the Nats haven’t explained is how they’re going to fund a Scottish Broadcasting Company as well as all BBC channels out of the License Fee.

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