IDS: Kidney dialysis room vs spare room

Spaces in social housing reserved for medical purposes for decades are being designated as ‘spare bedrooms’ under the hated Bedroom Tax. With the case of a kidney patient — the brother of Labour MP Stephen Pound — raised in a Commons debate last week, further details revealed today show that even a purpose-designed kidney dialysis room will cost the tenant an extra £120 per month.

Rivers Pound lives in one of three flats in an Earls Court council block with facilities specially designed for kidney dialysis patients. The news undermines claims that rooms not designated as bedrooms by councils or housing associations would be exempt from euphemistically named ‘under occupancy charges’.

And while the renal patient currently relying on dialysis, his 18 year-old transplant kidney is in the process of failing:

“They don’t look ahead or at the practicalities. It’s far cheaper for me to use dialysis at home than in a hospital taking up a bed. It’s a false economy, surely.”

Did we mention Iain Duncan Smith went to Paris to avoid the recent Bedroom Tax debate?


  1. Just to add,home dialysis has proven health benefits and outcomes viv a vis hospital treatment,not only is it financial stupidity and a de facto charge for health care it is detrimental to health.

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