Mark Pritchard Consumer Credit Association

The Tory MP at the centre of a scandal over his business interests is a paid adviser to legal loansharks, according to parliamentary records. Mark Pritchard — who has been caught offering his British political contacts to broker an Eastern European business deal — receives £18,000 per year as an adviser to the Consumer Credit Association, the trade body for high interest door-to-door lenders.

The role is one of at least three ‘second jobs’ through which Pritchard trousers more than £80,000 per annum — likely bringing his total pay package to more than the prime minister. Pritchard’s other clients in the Register of Members’ Interests include:

Speaking to undercover reporters from the Telegraph, Pritchard offered to leverage ‘his network’ of political connections to advocate on behalf of his clients — but denied that this constituted lobbying:

“To be completely brutal, I know the mayor, I know the prime minister, I know the speaker.

“I don’t lobby. I don’t, whatever. But my network I will use.”

If that isn’t lobbying, then what the hell is?

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