Nadine Dorries negative

Successive weekly revelations — that Nadine Dorries’ 68 year-old election agent is providing a home for a 20-something Romanian woman who advertises for group sex on the internet; that she is paying her daughter a salary of up to £35,000 as a ‘senior secretary’ despite her living 100 miles from the office — appear to be taking their toll on the maverick Tory MP. Indeed, Dorries is currently fending off the aggressions of the Sunday Mirror, bloggers, the parliamentary standards commissioner … and many within her own party.

And while the headline-worthy outburst above gave red top hack Ben Glaze (@BenGlaze) cause to check his dental insurance, key insights into Dorries’ situation can be gleaned from the blizzard of angry Twitter messages in the last few days:

1: She says that she is moving out of the constituency home owned by her 2010 election agent Andrew Rayment. As a co-director and shareholder in Averbrook Ltd, the company used by Dorries to process media appearance fees, Rayment is much more than just a landlord to the Tory MP.

Perhaps Rayment, something of a regional Tory grandee, was naive enough to think that his other business and property connections — with a woman pictured in a negligee on adult dating website — would be overlooked by those scrutinising Dorries. Her moving out of his house could indicate a partial severing of financial ties in the light of this very unwelcome attention.

2: While Dorries still denies ever having met Rayment’s other business partner, she has apparently discussed the matter of the Sunday Mirror’s doorstepping of ‘internet glamour girl’ Ramona Ladin in detail with someone with first hand knowledge:

Nadine Dorries tweets on Ramona Ladin

She went on to make the defamatory claim that Ramona Ladin’s profile on the adult dating website — for which Scrapbook can vouch authenticity — had been fabricated by journalists from the Sunday Mirror:

Nadine Dorries alleged fabrication by Sunday Mirror

If she is trying not to look rattled she isn’t doing a very good job.

MORE: Also worth a mention … Unity of the Ministry of Truth blog has turned up an extremely inconvenient mobile phone bill charged to taxpayers in the wake of her appearance on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.