Bedroom Tax debate: Where is Iain?

As the Commons debate on the hated Bedroom Tax kicks off, Labour’s Rachel Reeves references Iain Duncan Smith’s absence, which Scrapbook revealed earlier was due to him fleeing to Paris:

“I am also sorry that we will not be joined by the secretary of state, who apparently has more urgent business at an intergovernmental conference in Paris. Some may welcome the fact that one of Parliament’s most dedicated Eurosceptics has suddenly developed such a passion for discussing his problems with our European partners. Perhaps, Mr Speaker, he has had a second epiphany.”

And referencing the victims of the measure who have travelled from across the country to lobby MPs in Westminster today, Reeves said:

“Even as they got off their trains and coaches in London this morning, the secretary of state was already on the Eurostar, scuttling across the Channel.”

Some truly moving stories already being related on the floor of the House.

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