Godfrey Bloom on LBC

Disgraced former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom tells LBC that the generational unemployed and public sector workers could be banned from voting:

“If you haven’t done a hand’s turn and neither have your parents or your parents’ parents then I can’t actually understand why you should be able to vote on the administration.”

The former UKIP economics spokesman — who has previously claimed he wants thousands of jobs to be lost in the public sector — went on:

“Another thing I think perhaps we need to look quite closely at is those in the public sector because those in the public sector naturally vote for increases in pensions and benefits in the public sector.”

At the time of writing he’s still on air. You can listen live here.

  1. Godfrey says: “If you haven’t done a hand’s turn and neither have your parents or your parents’ parents…”

    Your Headline: “Godfrey Bloom: Ban unemployed and public sector workers from voting”

    See how people hate the fact that tabloid rags like The Sun are sensationalist, lying shysters that use disingenuous headlines to push their agenda…? *coughs*

  2. Ok then Godfrey – if you have private health insurance and send your kids to private school you get no say on health and educational policy. Maybe people in those categories get half a vote. Because they will naturally vote for parties wanting to strip the cost out of those areas of our society.

  3. Meanwhile Godfery Bloom turns up to work drunk when he bothers to turn up at all and gets to vote on behalf of millions of people. I can’t think of anybody more representative of sloth and privilege.

  4. @John: Furthermore, the problem with tabloids and middle market papers misrepresenting quotes is that you’re either not given them in full or valuable context is missing. In contrast, we give you full quote here *and* audio.

    What he is saying is shocking in itself. We don’t need to over-egg things in the headline.

  5. I would say that the wording here is wrong: you say they “could be banned from voting”. Bloom is saying what he thinks SHOULD be the case, but he has no power to make it happen and there is no significant support from anyone else for it.

  6. Last time I looked, MEPs were paid out of the public purse. Which makes Godfrey Bloom..a public sector worker. Possibly with not one of the better attendance at work records you could find.

  7. ireallymeanthis says:

    Where is this generational unemployment? Virtually nonexistent.
    Public sector workers shouldn’t vote because they’ll vote in their own interests? God forbid anyone should do that at an election !

  8. Maybe instead of proposing that certain groups of people shouldn’t get the vote, Godffrey should concentrate his efforts into making his political party worth voting for.

  9. Quote-Another thing I think perhaps we need to look quite closely at is those in the public sector because those in the public sector naturally vote for increases in pensions and benefits in the public sector.

    Does that include MP’s who vote for their own pay rise and pensions? Perhaps the public should be the ones deciding on the pay an MP receives rather than the MP’s themselves. We should also scrap ALL their allowances. They know the rate of pay before going in for the job- in the words of Wonga- like it take it, don’t like it DON’T TAKE IT. And stop claiming all your living costs as expenses- USE YOUR PAY LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE HAS TO!!

  10. Geoff Kerr-Morgan says:

    Would Anarchists fight for the right of the generational unemployed and public sector workers to be able to vote,if Godfrey Bloom gets his way? After all voting is a load of tosh, just a thought.

  11. Why does your headline bear little or no resemblance to what he said? He’s capable of looking enough of an idiot without you exaggerating his offences.

  12. this guy is an idiot like the rest of the ukip EDL morons, any disenfranchisement (that means removing votes from people for the ukippers and edl boneheads out there) is an attack on democracy whether the headline was wrong or not, what he is advocating is bullshit, but then he was such a twat even the ukippers dont want him.

  13. Another ass-hole shooting his fat mouth off. His money , if he has any, comes from other people anyway. Burn the wealthy to kingdom come.

  14. what an outrageous claim, that those in the public sector are a danger because they would vote for sympathetic policies for themselves. is that not exactly what every person, from public or private sector, does at election? if you can’t vote for what would improve your life then what is the point of a vote at all? the whole reason anyone votes is so that the majority can get what they think they want. from bloom, someone who i’d assume has some intelligence if he managed to get into a position of political power, he comes across as alarmingly stupid. wake up, ukip supporters, you’re leaders are less educated than you.

  15. To think I was thinking of voting for them. Not now, never. I work in the public sector, I put many hours in and dont get paid for them. And many people who do a job like mine are assaulted every day doing their job, and know one cares. So he can shove his vote.

  16. It’s not rocket science. If you are member of a sports club, where everyone contributes to the kitty (and you don’t), what makes you think you have a right to decide how the money is used ? You have put nothing into the kitty. Why would anyone think that someone who does not contribute to the kitty should have a say on how the money is spent ? That’s plain and simply parasite politics. If you want that, move to North Korea. Good luck.

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