George Galloway

The bank account of the Viva Palestina charity founded by George Galloway has been frozen by regulatorsScrapbook can reveal. After a damning report from the Charity Commission, a spokesman confirmed:

“we opened a statutory inquiry into the charity … to examine – amongst other regulatory concerns – the trustees’ failure to meet their statutory obligations to file accounts and the charity’s general lack of financial probity, including the trustees failure to account for charitable expenditure.”

This is at least the second time that the charity has had it’s banking facilities withdrawn:

“Due to the overt risk to charitable funds, the Commission took immediate steps to freeze the charity’s bank account as a protective measure, which means that payments cannot be made without the consent of the Commission.”

While Scrapbook and charity magazine Third Sector reported on the removal of Viva Palestina from the register of charities yesterday, the Commission have clarified that the group “was actually removed from the online register due to a computer error”.

So Gorgeous George and his friends still have to play by their rules.

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