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UPDATE: The wording of our original post below remains unchanged below, but the Commission has been in touch with Scrapbook to clarify that “the charity was actually removed from the online register due to a computer error.  The error doesn’t reflect or change the status of Viva Palestina as a charity.”

UPDATE II: The Commission have confirmed that Galloway’s enterprise has had its bank account frozen owing to an “overt risk to charitable funds”.

The Charity Commission have booted a George Galloway fundraising appeal off the charity register after they, errrr, neglected to file any accounts. Viva Palastina has now been ordered to provide financial records for the years from its founding in 2009 to 2012.

A previous investigation by the Commission also found the trustees guilty of “mismanagement in the administration of a charity”, including misleading the public about how much money it had raised and “concerns” around its banking arrangements.

The Commission is also facing a court case over another charity founded by Galloway. The regulator, run by Tory stooge William Shawcross, refused to release details of its investigation into the Mariam Appeal under the Freedom of Information Act.

A charitable appeal associated with Galloway is exposed to be a shambles. In other news, a bear was seen entering a wooded area earlier today.

  1. are now reporting this to be untrue:
    Reports elsewhere claiming that the Charity Commission has removed Viva Palestina from its register are untrue – the Commission admitted that this was the result of an internal error.

    Also, it’s worth noting that no one set this up as a charity – it was the Charity Commission who decided to define the organisation as being one, then started taking enforcement action against it for not sticking to charitable activities!

    “We’ve decided your bicycle is a car…..It’s now been brought to our attention it doesn’t have the windscreen wipers required by law – this must be remedied.”

  2. Given that it is “forced” to be a charity it’s odd that the first thing you see on its Malaysian based website is a plug for a “charity dinner” . Were they forced to do that too?

    No doubt the money is just resting in his account.

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