• Cabinet minister Justine Greening writes to police on cuts
  • Requests data for her local area after pressure from public
  • But document leaks after her staff send it to the wrong printer

Justine Greening printer FOI gaffe

Cabinet-level concerns over police cuts can be laid bare — with Justine Greening writing to the Metropolitan Police to ask them about police numbers in her west London constituency. The correspondence can be revealed by Political Scrapbook — after incompetent staff sent the document to the WRONG PRINTER in parliament.

Her request for information appears to have been prompted by a Twitter Q&A with local police — during which members of the public demanded information on police cuts:

She asks (FULL FOI) for information on cuts to the number of warranted officers in her area, in addition to the number of PCSOs, “designated detention officers”, “station reception officers” — and the police’s “minimum working strength”.

Her request prompts the question as to why on earth a senior Tory MP — let alone a cabinet minister — is sending FOI requests to the Metropolitan Police rather than from the Home Office or Boris Johnson?

Does she not trust Theresa May’s SpAds? Or is Greening trying to contrive her own version of police statistics by including non-warranted officers?

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