Bernard Ingham

Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary Bernard Ingham has responded to a poll revealing that 39% of northerners would never vote Tory by calling them “demented” — and compares voters to cattle. With the survey by YouGov also revealing one in four people from the regions don’t even know someone who votes Conservative, the Yorkshireman slams his northern kindred in a column for the Yorkshire Post:

“But what worries me is the impression given by the 40 per cent who say they won’t [vote Tory]. At best it suggests closed minds, a certain bigotry. At worst it conveys an image of bovine stupidity”

Having extolled the virtues of George Osborne’s financial management, he continues:

“Against this background any Northerner who can never contemplate voting Conservative is clearly so demented as to be a danger to himself and his family – economically and socially suicidal.”

Naturally, Ingham also has something to say on trade union protest tactics, which he describes as “thuggish”.

For some context on ‘thuggishness’, here’s a reminder of the Thatcherite social model in northern England:

Lesley Boulton at the Battle of Orgreave

  1. Well I am a 75 year old southerner who has never voted Tory and cannot conceive of ever doing so. I don’t feel demented.

  2. Oh yes Bernard, one reason I and the vast majority of my fellow Northerners WIILL NEVER EVER vote for the Tories is the huge transfers of wealth from North to South, the destruction of manufacturing and the Trade Unions whilst the lying and deceit from Thatcher in defending the polic’s disgraceful conduct at Hillsborough and the Miners Strike.
    No I’d rather vote for Zippy from Rainbow than ANY Tory.

  3. This is typical Tory mentality. One of them insists the rich are a put upon minority being victimized for being rich. Another of them claims he could live on £58 a week. And another claims those who don’t vote Tory are demented. Bigotry and oppression and dementia and ignorance and self preservation are all descriptions of Tory mentality. Those who don’t see that are either Tory to the core or blind.

  4. I would vote Tory if they had a leadership election and replaced Cameron with Larry. Larry would be a good PM, I think. I am Southern, though.

  5. They’re truly turning reality on its head. The super rich are an oppressed minority? Those with lower incomes should consider voting for a bunch of toffs who only do things that benefit the better off and/or hammers those on lower wages? Yes of course.

  6. I’m a southerner living in Scotland which is almost a Tory-free zone where I can speak my mind without anyone asking me to shut it which used to happen all the time down south. Ingham and the other demented posh Tories have lost the plot, have another 18 months in power after which they won’t be getting in ever again. Yes, lots of people still buy into their improperganda, but too many now understand their hypocrisy. Trouble is, Labour’s been infiltrated by Tories who’ll also work for the 1% to keep us under. Here’s a route into an alternative:

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