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Multinational retail giant Walmart — the owner of British supermarket Asda — is running a canned food drive to provide impoverished workers with Thanksgiving dinner at a store in the US.

A sign at a Walmart in Ohio encourages shoppers to donate to its underpaid employees:

“Please Donate Food Items Here, so Associates in Need Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner”

Walmart food appeal

A spokesman for the chain — who opened their first jointly branded Asda/Walmart store in Scotland in 2001 — even had the chutzpah to spin this as good news:

“This is part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them when they face extreme hardships,”

They don’t even have the decency to give staff small Thanksgiving hampers — let alone pay them properly.

  1. Well I guess you don’t become America’s richest family (the Waltons, Walmart’s owners) by being generous to your exploited employees.

    Looks like we’re rapidly returning to the era of the robber barons.

  2. As much as I do not agree with what Asda Walmart is doing it is unfair to use an image of a UK store as this is not happening here yet and as you say it is Walmart and not Asda Walmart

  3. The donation boxes are in a staff only area out if sight of shoppers.
    Wally world is not the only big name to treat workers shamefully.
    McDonalds has a staff help line to give staff advice how to get food stamps and wefare.

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