• Anne Main MP is one of Tories’ most vocal backers of hated tax
  • Victims pay on average £65 per month for a ‘spare room’
  • But she gave daughter WHOLE FLAT funded by MPs’ expenses

Anne Main

One of the most forceful, not to say colourful, contributions to the Bedroom Tax debate last week was from St Alban’s MP Anne Main, who has since been forced to “clarify” her offensive comments in her local paper:

“Unicorns do not exist, fairies do not exist and—it does not matter how often Opposition Members say it—a bedroom tax does not exist.”

Please forgive Scrapbook’s tardiness in highlighting her breathtaking hypocrisy, brought to our attention by a reader. Referencing Labour’s 2004 plans for a similar measure for the private rented sector, Main — who was filmed addressing the Commons in front of a sleeping Tory colleague (VIDEO) — said:

“Labour started the process that should have been continued by ensuring that people paid for the accommodation that they were using.”

One person who certainly wasn’t “paying for the accomodation they were using” was Main’s 27 year-old daughter, who lived rent free for up to three years in a second home funded by MPs’ expenses. So that’s £40,000 in mortgage interest payments on the taxpayer (plus conveyancing fees, furnishings, council tax and refurbishments).

This is a woman who wants to charge 400,000 disabled people up to £832 per year to remain in their own homes.

  1. john richardson says:

    this is typical torys any other person that did this would either be sacked or prosecuted but not an mp oh no they can do what they want as long as us poor people are out there for them to tread on

  2. this is 1 of many reasons why they wont get back in power in 2015.screwed the poor,wilst protecting the wealthys rights to tax evasion,and money laundering,tories are for the few,labour for the many,and liberals for the undecided.

  3. Daughter’s on the electoral role at St Albans. It’s her mother’s place and she uses it. What a load of bollocks you’re spouting. have you thought of changing your URL to politicalbullshitbook.net?

  4. The taxpayer does not pay extra to subsidise social housing that is under occupied. There has never been an equal footing between private and social renting as the private renting housing allowance is far in excess of any social rent charge. No one gave the social tenants extra payments to pocket for the same sized housing, as was happening previously. If a private renting tenant managed to find housing below their housing allowance rate, they were able to keep the difference. Private housing allowance were then capped to stop them constantly increasing. The BT is a penalty to punish the 96% of households affected, that are unable to downsize due to there being NOWHERE for them to downsize to.

  5. I had to leave my home of 15 years because of this bedroom tax
    They have a fooking nerve to pay family members rent out of tax payers pockets
    You mp’s need a good fooking slap

  6. Adam Penny, the daughter is using it as her usual residential address. Mum claims it as a second home and gets all utilities and service charges plus over £1k per month mortgage interest, plus the 10% council tax discount. That discount is only allowable if nobody uses it as their main residential address, yet this is the address at which her daughter is registered on the electoral roll. To say nothing of the fact that the second home expenses are there for an MP to get a house closer to Parliament, when this one is six miles further away from Westminster than the MP’s main home, and both are well within the London commuter belt anyway. It’s an utterly indefensible thing to have done anyway, but when her bedroom tax stance is taken into account, hypocrisy is the only acceptable word for such behaviour.

  7. Lesley Anne Kinney says:

    Adam Penny, only a brain washed moron could possibly find this acceptable. This is fraud, pure and simple. If she wasn’t a Tory MP, you’d have a totally different point of view. Your bias is blatantly obvious to everyone.

  8. Gary Sutherland says:

    Tory, Labour, LibDem – it makes no difference really. These people are all out to screw as much out of the state coffers as they can, because they believe they’re worth it.

    The Westminster party political system is terminally corrupt. How much longer can it last?

    I seriously hope those of us north of the border rise to the challenge next year and jettison the whole lot of them!

  9. It’s dog eat dog in this country now .. they spend the money that could help the homeless the hungry disabled sick most importantly feed the children suffering in this mad regime

  10. This country is totally backwards… shouldn’t our MP’s be looking after us, not the other way around?? Its not that i have any issue with her looking after and housing her daughter, but i think the point is that she is NOT looking after her daughter, WE, the tax payers are!! Again, it always seems to fall back on us to foot the bills!!

    As a St. Albans resident, I have accepted that i live in a city that is extremely expensive to live in (way above this countries average living costs) and i work my arse off and save my money to be able to live in my house whilst paying taxes that go towards government etc…. however, to hear that we are paying to support a very well paid person’s child (a child who is more than old enough to stand on her own two feet and pay for themselves) really really grates on me!!

    Anne Maine is more than happy to leave women and children in St. Albans living in damp mould ridden flats whilst she and her daughter flit around their two homes together… what a wonderful MP she is!! NOT!!!

  11. Is anyone really surprised by this? She is Tory, one of the look after yourself and sod the rest brigade. Actually, what does surprise me is that she qualifies for a second home, since St.Albans is well within reasonable commuting distance of Westminster.

  12. We need drastic change in this country to make MPs accountable to us. The whole of the establishment is corrupt from top to bottom. Join Republic.

  13. It wont be long before the tory elite abolish sickness benefits, make trades union membership illegal and give only millionnaires the right to vote. Camoron must be stopped before he ruins any more lives. His arrogance makes Thatcher look human!

  14. You know this is how Nazi Germany started.. Discrimination against the sick and disabled.. Getting a nation to divide upon itself and putting blame upon those unable to defend themselves.. Taking away the rights of the poor to have access to law (legal aid) and with some MPs saying that only those who work should have the right to vote; I wonder whether these same MPs would be allowed to vote if they lose their jobs….. Oh but then they’ll still be in work won’t they as they are on boards as “advisers” with clandestine salaries.

    Double standards, typical of the Tories.. We want you to remember that “we’re all in this together” when in fact, we are getting richer while you, the people, are paying ever increasing amounts to keep warm, fed and happy… The Tories and their chums believe that the super rich are an oppressed minority who should be applauded because they are the “wealth creators”… Really? I wonder if I could get a special tax rate if I were to offer the Tax man a meal…..

  15. Hypocrisy is mildly putting it,theft is what I would call it,but then of course a thief is not of the political class its a lower or working class concept. For those thieves who think that they are middle-class ,political-class and upper class its just a slip-up or an over sight even a perk that they are entitled to,not for me a thief is a thief no matter what and if your a thief for a 1/- what wont you steal.Comes down to morality and integrity, I think if you have little or no integrity and are morally bankrupt then nothing bothers you except those that pay your wages.We become an itch to be scratched.

  16. The only way to change this is to insist that you have a say in who the candidates are.
    At the moment, party leaders choose the candidate (however they try to hide it), so they choose the brownest noses. A bit of dirt helps – Cameron probably knew all about this and used it to control Main.
    Get out there and vote – but don’t wait for the election and look at a ballot paper of clones, choose the candidates!

  17. I have become used to this, the greedy fat cats getting fatter at the expense of the hard working people who now can’t afford to heat their homes, I have invited IDS to come and live with us, just to see how far £53 a week will go. My fuel bill is currently£60.50 a week, we do not have gas, we are not allowed to put in calor gas, I am allergic to the fumes of diesel fuel, but with the thefts going on, I would be sure to be hit, our rent is £121+ a week, we are trying to move to a one or two bed bungalow, but as we have had to pay for our means to continue living in our house, we can’t afford to move but we can’t afford to stay! Do show willing mr IDS, try living here…Please?

  18. Unfortunately all parties are out for what they can get. Could you imagine if all that were fiddling, stealing money from the treasury were brought to book, there would be no senior politicians left standing, all would be behind bars. It is only a small trickle that is coming out. Government dare not root out all at once, and generally only those that have lost favour in parties are made to be the escape goats, whilst the rest carry on.

  19. Is it just the Torries that rip us off with expenses? Any politician that voted themselves a pay rise, while our country flounder, surely does not have the well being of their constituents at heart, even the ones who accept the money are no better. It took me a long time to accept that a lot of MPs, in all parties, are in it, purely to get what they can out of it, just paying lip service to the citizens they are supposed to represent.

  20. Franklin Percival says:

    Are you sure she has a daughter? If she has then from the look of her it was an egg-cup and basting syringe job.

  21. There are still a lot of Labour MP’s who have not yet been brought book over their fraudulent expense claims, Jacquie Smith, claiming a single room at her sisters house was her main home, and where her husband & children were was her second home, thus benefiting from around £100k in mortgage payments. It is not ALL tory’s who rip people off, its the whole lot of them, Gordon Brown still claiming his MP’s salary and expenses, yet only been in the house of commons about 5 or 6 times since 2010.

  22. Sorry Kaye but that’s a bit of a strawman, I’d happily see the Labour MPs guilty of such behaviour chased in the same way I’d see this hypocrite chased. The fact of the matter is that this woman is gleefully presiding over policy which is forcing people out of their homes while ripping us all off to put a roof over her daughters head, indefensible, immoral and the actions of a scumbag.

  23. I despair when I read typical Tory. Typical politician is far more apt. They are all thieving scumbags who’ll tell you what you want to hear so long as you give them the power to line their own pockets.
    When (if) the public ever wakes up from red or blue or yellow THEN we’ll see some justice for the populace of this country. Whilst dyed in the wool exists then we’ll remain fractious, beaten and subservient to these parasites.

  24. sharon mcmillan says:

    I hate the fact that “we the British public” never fight for our rights we moan and groan but never get up and do anything about it, what happen to the “proud to be British” Cameron happened and took that rights away by depriving the poor sick and disabled by cutting their benefits, while the MPs go on frauding us of our taxes that are suppose to pay towards benefits, and the NHS, Other countries rise up and overturn their government, “we” sit back and wait till 2015 to kick them out !!!!!!!

  25. Sharon McMillan…..you are absolutely 100% correct with that statement,these horrible bulla boys know that somehow we have become repressed,but never underestimate the British lion…..an uprising is on the cards!!!Lets start by giving UKIP the chance to regain our identity back from the parasites in Brussels,whilst closing the borders to all the dirty parasitic leaches wanting to take advantage of our great welfare system!!!

  26. “Labour started the process …” says lying Tory hypocrite. Just like yesterday then.
    Labour’s reassessment of fair rents excluded Council and Housing Association and Fair Rent Registered properties.
    btw: My MP is not a liar or cheat or scoundrel.

  27. Daley Gleephart says:

    Shitshu: The troughing waster UKIP MEPs recently voted against a measure that would save Britian £352,000,000 a year and all that they seem to do most of the time is sign the entry book once a day. Check out UKIP antics at the European Parliament on YouTube – They are worse than the Tories.

  28. The “Spare Room Subsidy” does not exist either, it’s just a term invented by the Tories to make it appear as if they’ve overpaid on Housing Benefit for years and we should be grateful!

    To claim her daughter’s rent on expenses is outrageous and should be treated as theft, pure and simple. Why isn’t she being prosecuted or has she made a “mistake”?

    I’m sick of the Tories taking us for a ride, reducing our benefits that we’ve paid NI for whilst they stuff their own pockets. They should remember that they work for US, the British public. We don’t owe them anything, yet there still is an air of entitlement.

    Any thieving MP should be prosecuted and jailed, not be allowed to return and claim expenses ever again. They should also lose their Government pension and any pay-offs if they have been found guilty of fraud. It’s time, we the British public, put an end to it all!

  29. Is this a website written by the illiterate, for the illiterate? It has taken me a good while to even understand what most people are even trying to say on here. The fact that most of you are preaching on here is almost unbelievable. Yes, the ‘Bedroom Tax’ (as you all like to call it, probably from reading tabloid newspapers, who are themselves funded by the political parties which you all love to hate), is wrong and should be either be abolished or those people who are suffering because of it should be given alternatives before being penalised for situations out of there control. However, not a single person here has managed to make a convincing argument against it, and a good amount of people seem to be just hypocrites who make statements along the lines of ‘as long as I’m okay Jack’ whilst complaining that people from other countries are coming to the UK to ‘take advantage of our great welfare system’. Well ‘as long as you’re okay Jack.’ Have some pride in yourselves, stop repeating what you read in the tabloids and actually take a moment to think about what you are going to say before you say it.

  30. dosent matter what party they are in, tory, labour, lib dem, each and everyone of them have screwed us all good and proper, but yet they still get away with it, makes me sick, that woman needs to be in a position alot of poeple are today, skint and angry, but i doubt she ever will, wonder how that woman sleeps at night, hopefully karma is gonna get her and all the other tossers who work along side her, surely this cant go on any longer, cant the bloody queen sack the fookin lot of them, let the revolution begin

  31. This is why people are turning to NOTA you have to vote NONE OF THE ABOVE or this will just continue. These people don’t care about other people they are only in it for themselves. Its time to elect people who do care who will work for those who vote for them and who represent the interest of the the constituents above everything else.



    All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.

  32. Why don’t they build a block of flats near to Westminster and give all Mps when elected keys to a flat. It could be furnished and have TV, Broadband and other Mod Cons. It would also create jobs for maintenance personal, cleaners and the like then they would not require expenses for second homes problem solved.

  33. Its time the country stood up to this tory led coalition and send them into the political wilderness History has proved time and again this shower of con men who only look after their own interests while stripping the country bare 80s all over again. Same policies as thatcher clueless we are all seeing the results of her policies still working people vote this shower into power If you are lucky enough to be in employment be it a manager or laborer unless you own your place of employment the tories will do nothing for you but take your vote smug asset strippers of the worst kind .

  34. I can’t believe the same vial person Adam Perry putting a comment defending this despicable so called woman. The whole Tory party are disgusting and when are the British people going to stop them killing OAPs from dying of hunger or hypothermia and also giving benefits to foreigners whilst creating a bullshit sentiment about are disabled British folk so the whole country goes against them calling them lazy. Poor people who can’t find work are so called lazy and the whole country believes this government and the bias news organisations. THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT!! wake up Britain and see beyond this rubbish. Give power back to the people and stop the rich getting richer. WAKE UP !!!

  35. What this article shows is that both Westminster parties (Libs are closet tories anyway) are complicit in the whole ‘bedroom tax’ scenario. Hence Labour’s delay and to-ing and fro-ing whether or not they would oppose it in parliament. While 47 labour MPs were missing on their own motion after a days’ debate just last week, and the vote was only lost by a majority of 26. They seem to think their crocodile tears and hand-wringing having not been clocked as simple delaying tactcs while they would bring it forward as a General Election pledge for 2015. They had the chance to end it last week. Everyone knows what the tories stand for, they at least are honest chancers. Totally obnoxious of course. The whole Westminster political gravy train, that and the House of Lords is the Establishment corrupt closed club. Rules are not for the Rulers.

  36. Yes, all MPs who rip the public off are scum bags many of whom should be in prison but not all of them are guilty, so don’t damm them all indescriminatly. It’s no excuse of course, but don’t forget they are mere beginners at this lark. The experts are the CEOs, Directors and especially the banksters who demand high salaries and bonuses running into £millions often paid for by dodging corporation tax. No doubt many MPs will become Directors and banksters when we finally boot them out of parliament.

  37. Why does the tax payer have to foot the bill for 2nd homes anyway? Surely these people earn enough to afford to pay for it themselves?

  38. She should be fined the full amount she has stolen, and so should her daughter as well who clearly must of realised they were stealing from the country. Sell both houses recover all costs including legal fees and make them apply for social housing

  39. The fact that the daughter is 27 and can’t even pay her own rent says it all really, they are a class of their own, but not a better one, a far worse one of greed, lazyness and dependence on other people to support them and their greed. Voting for Tory, Labour or Lib Dem next election will be the worst thing any of us EVER do, Even people who earn a lot of money should not vote them in purely on the basis of trust and human compassion, or does money really rot your soul that much?

  40. Secret Squirrel says:

    This is blatant fraud. A public servant committing a crime against the people. Sher should instantly be dismissed, a bi-election held. Then a criminal investigation into her financial affairs and a prosecution for gross misconduct, theft and fraud. One rule for them one rule for the rest.

  41. Secret Squirrel says:

    This is blatant fraud. A public servant committing a crime against the people. Sher should instantly be dismissed, a bi-election held. Then a criminal investigation into her financial affairs and a prosecution for gross misconduct, theft and fraud. One rule for them one rule for the rest

  42. If St Alban’s MP Anne Main is indeed guilty of this alleged abuse, which in effect is classical FRAUD, then she should be brought to book for it via the legal system. After all politicians have had it made perfectly clear what is allowed and what is not allowed, on many occassions, with regard to their expenses.
    Take this a stage further, and if it indeed is corrct then, the folk of St Albans need to stand up and be counted with a vote of no confidence in their MP Anne Main and subsequently vote her out of office after all surely they would not vote a bank robber, burgler or indeed any other person involved in criminal activity into office, again I would reiterate, if indeed she is guilty.

    Quite simply if she is guilty then she needs to suffer the consequences and be brought to book and the issue not swept under the carpet, something that all too often seems to be the case. Members of the public would be prosecuted, MP’s are not a special case and should be dealt with according to the law.
    The fact than someone is an MP is not a licence to perpetuate criminal activity or perhaps someone out there could correct me if I am wrong. If the Labour party had not such a chequered history in this department then they should call for an enquiry, something they indeed would not dare do, after all they too are politicians !
    The old expression “tarred with the same brush” springs to mind.

  43. Scotland for independence feck the Tory’s lying cheating scumbags Dick Turpin Cameron get the FOOK oot now ya wanker not welcome here in Scotland and never will be !!

  44. its about time things changed in this country ,its a bloody mess when are they going to relies that we BRITISH people have had enough know ,how much more can they squeeze out of us ,time for a revolution I think and shut the bloody flood aswell

  45. Mike Cleverley says:

    MP’s from all 3 of the parties are on the fiddle. Mostly out just for themselves. Our local Councillors are the same, passing on ConDem cuts while crying crocodile tears over their expenses forms!
    We do not have to tolerate this any more.
    I, and many others will be standing in local elections, as a Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition Candidate in local elections in 2014. You can do the same, or stand under your own banner.
    At the next General Elections there will be others standing as well, on a platform “A worker’s MP on a worker’s wage.

  46. We are being financially gang raped by these absolute scum. Like a frenzy of hyenas on a carcass they gorge what little money the people have like the remaining flesh of the kill. Where are the tory self flattering morals they high-brow us scum with? She is clearly defrauding the entire country in an act of theft. The very fact she gets away with it knowingly and deliberately like the rest of them, shows intent to defraud as much as the crooks in jail for fraud. This should be a police matter and if the police refuse to uphold the law because she is an MP…. we should roll out the guillotines for the ones like her who abuse position then hide behind self serving policies as they screw us all over. We are indeed deserving of this treatment..why?…. BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT LIKE IDIOTS !

  47. The people who serve this government have no moral ethic. Disassociation . That’s the only code they govern from. Blinded from seeing and blinkered because they choose to be. Social climbers for self gain, and needy for congratulation and adoration. A good Bulgarian saying…a fish always ‘rots’ from the head down. Time for change now.

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