Esther McVey electors survey

No sooner has Esther McVey been promoted to minister for employment than she is accused Tory campaigning using taxpayers’ money.  With a slim thin majority of 2,436 in her Wirral West constituency, the former GMTV presenter faces a probe by the Standards Commission after she sent out a highly political survey — apparently using envelopes, postage and paper funded from the public purse.

Local councillor Phil Brightmore refered the matter to the commissioner after he got hold of McVey’s “Electors Survey”, which he claims was accompanied by a “letter on Parliamentary paper, a Parliamentary envelope and franked second class”.

After a number of leading questions designed to niggle Labour-run Wirral council, McVey then goes the whole hog and asks people what they think about Tory policies and their 2015 manifesto. She even indulges in a spot of voter ID — asking her constituents how they are going to vote!

Esther McVey survey questions


The rules on the use of parliamentary stationary are pretty clear:



Readers may find it instructive that McVey is refusing to comment.

  1. I imagine McVey thinks she is above the law. Isn’t that what ALL members of this government and MPs think? The rules are not for her, but for everyone else. She was a useless television presenter and she is a useless MP.

  2. what is it that got this woman promotion? apart from grinding the least well off into the ground, i don’t think the people of wirral west will return this vile woman to parliament,

  3. then there’s social media * allegations about her paying rent on a shared flat ( platonic friend ) to a company that doesn’t exist ” interesting ” , suddenly the ahem glam shots from ’99 appear in The Daily Blackshirt * just saying

    The Liverpool building industry and associated security trade has a * apparently ” interesting ” reputation too

    they tend to wheel McVile out on The Sunday Politics show along with Eric ” Mr Creosote ” Pickles and professional northerner Ollenrenshaw …can’t have people thinking they are a bunch of out of touch elitist southern toffs can we now ?

  4. Cameron coming reshuffle is a reshuffle for women

    In one sense McVile has been quite competent as a Junior Minister …she has said and done exactly what was expected of her …providing people are willing to turn a blind eye to morals , ethics and the truth of course !

    IDS seems to like the look of her , he appeared spend enough time leering at her in a important welfare / disability HOC debate though of course people could have been mistaken – he seems to have form in that area , the tale about the beauty queen that Political Scrapbook published

  5. The conservative candidate for Wirral south also sent out a survey…one of the things that struck me about it was that in the list of multiple choice answers immigration was 3rd and cost of living and education came near the bottom.
    it also asked the question Politics aside, which of the party leaders would you vote for?’ but only listed Cameron and Miliband…no mention of Clegg.

  6. this women has no morels on the daily politics no one could get a word in i was glad she was told to be quite.David C.ameron better watch out she is after his job and does not mind how she gets there i would willing pay to have her removed. i am very glad she is not labour.Her and IDS ARE WELL SUITED TWO TOFFS TOGETHER.

  7. i worked in a jobcentre for 23 years and do you know what we did with people like ms mcvay sent them to coventry. she will be going to the jobcentrc there to sizn on after the next general election after writing her own political obituary i will put a bet on that.people of the wirral do your duty and get rid of this vile heartless women, we are depending on you. we do not need this kind of mp.

  8. Ester McVey is a horrible little worm!!! She was a ‘television presenter’ spouting frivolous nonsense on Channel 5. When the producers saw how useless she was, they no longer gave her any work, so she thought she would would become an MP. She tried many times to win a Tory safe seat, something a chimpanzee could achieve if it wore a blue rosette, yet she failed. When she finally did get elected she was fast tracked to a ministerial position despite having no politically experience, yet David Cameron, no doubt, felt giving a scouse woman a top job would send out a message that the Tory party appeals to everyone.
    Now we have this silly jumped up little wretch pouring scorn on the unemployed. If Esther McVey would come out of her ivory tower, she would discover that there are very few jobs in this country particularly since the invasion of Eastern Europeans.

  9. I got a letter from Wii Quince asking how i was going to vote, i filled out the form and sent it with the stamped addressed envelope, l wont be hearing from them again, Torys are getting desperateTHEY DID NOT WIN THE LAST ELECTION

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