Royal Mail van

The “significantly undervalued” sell-off of Royal Mail has brought unexpected harmony to all sides of the political spectrum – with the Tory Bow Group and the TUC unified in what a disaster it’s been. They’re even using the same analogies…

The BBC’s Norman Smith reported the Bow Group had attacked the sell off “at a fraction of its value.”

“You can sell £10 notes for £5 all day long and call it a success”

Meanwhile, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“Privatising Royal Mail has become little different from selling five pound notes for four quid.”

Perhaps the first time in history a Conservative think tank has considered a privatisation to be even worse for the country than the TUC did.

  1. therealguyfaux says:

    The old joke is apropos here:

    “So– you buy at 2, and you sell at one; you fool– how do you ever expect to make money on this?”

  2. Oh wunderbar, under priced, over-sold and an instant profit from property sales estimated at £500m.
    We mayhap shouldn’t bitch too much, after-all the Pension funds need to recoup the hits they took after Brown cancelled the dividend tax credit and fucked all our pensions.

  3. @penfold – in the case of Royal Mail pensions I think Thatcher’s pension holidays probably contributed more…

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