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With Labour Party’s latest party political broadcast turning the screw further on energy prices, the Tories have dispatched uber right-winger Priti Patel to claim — in the Daily Mail — that the film features lefties ‘masquerading as ordinary people’:

“Labour’s party political broadcast would be a lot more effective if they used real people rather than their own coterie of left-wing campaigners and champagne socialists”

Which might have worked as an attack line … if the Guardian journalist’ and ‘left-wing campaigner’ concerned wasn’t Jack Monroe — whose food writing career is based on her experiences as a single mum trying to feed her young son on as little as £10 per week.

Monroe left her job after shift patterns “played havoc” with childcare for her son and she struggled to afford the lengthy commute to work, which the Mail goes on to suggest was some kind of cynical career move:

“Jack Monroe created a media career for herself after she chose to leave her job in the Essex Fire Service in 2011 to look after her young son full-time.”

Monroe has hit back on her blog:

“I may be a charity campaigner and political activist, but that does not invalidate 18 months experience of living in a freezing cold flat, on very little money, trying to look after a young child – which is what the campaign invited me to speak about.”

With nothing to say on energy prices, the Tories have resorted to an ad hominem attack on someone with first hand experience of living on the breadline.

  1. Maybe you need to explain that the article you show is one from may when the mail wrote about the power of jack’s writingas first hand witness of poverty as opposed to the one they have just published attacking her as a phoney

  2. Jack(!?)’s hardship is self-inflicted. Has she worked out what causes babies yet? Has the father contributed? She was perfectly capable of supporting herself but now expects the taxpayer to support her instead. I’m afraid I’m struggling to empathise.

  3. Dougie thats the problem with this country today. People like you who fail to have compassion and empathy. Im a tax payer and dont mind my money going to help people like this single mother out. Im fed up of people moaning about a decline in christian values yet the very values that chrisitianity teaches such as love,compassion,forgiveness and charity are completely ignored by people like you dougie. Society is falling apart because people like you only care about yourself and none else. Call me a lefty if you like but at least i care about other people and are willing to help those out less fortunate than myself. Might be an idea to be a bit more caring dougie, anyone can find themselves needing help.There might be no one there to help you when you need it because they’ve all got the same attitude as you.

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