Later this month The Spectator brings the latest in its series of highfalutin Debate events to Gateshead, which as many of you will know, is in the north-east of England. The event sets out to answer the question:

“Labour has failed the north-east. Why does the north-east keep voting Labour?”

Scrapbook is happy to announce that the good people of Gateshead need not bother turning up to the meeting, because the advert for the Spectator’s hilariously out of touch event adequately answers the question.

First of all, admission to the event will cost non-subscribers a whopping £26 – which in a region with the lowest average wage in the country – £50 a week below the national average – is not to be sneezed at.

As event sponsor, the right-wing magazine couldn’t think of a better choice than City of London investment firm Brewin Dolphin. Still, we expect they do a lot of business oop north.

But the final, most serious insult – sure to enrage the residents of Northumbria and Tyneside to the point of public disorder – is their arbitrary inclusion of a huge chunk of Yorkshire in their map of the North East.

Where's the North East again?

UPDATE: Scrapbook is reliably informed that Brewin Dolphin actually does have an office in Newcastle. And one in Leeds, which presumably counts as the North East, yes?

And they wonder why the Tories can’t get traction in the North?

  1. Given Brewin Dolphin acquired Scottish investment firm Bell Lawrie and northern investment manager Wise Speke in the nineties, they probably still do a lot of business “oop north”.

  2. Maybe the Tories were referring to the north east of England rather than the North-East EU Region. Yorkshire is, actually, in the North East.

    Admittedly the bit included does seem rather arbitrary.

  3. Surpised the Tories can locate the “desolate” North East on the map. In fact, they can claim Labour has failed the North, but even if that is true (which it is not), at least Labour care about the North. The Tories only care for the rich in the South East.

  4. @Torque It appears only parts of West and North Yorkshire are in the North East. As Leeds lad, not only was this news to me, but even if so begs the question to why East Yorkshire wasn’t including. Presumably it’s regarded as the East Midlands?

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