Theresa May's jewel shoes

Having told Tory conference that she wants to scrap the Human Rights Act while wearing a pair of £215 ‘Polly’ jewel-heeled lace ups from Russell & Bromley, Theresa May has given aficionados of the Commons Register of Members’ Interests another excuse to cite her discount card for the shoe store:

Theresa May register of interests

The shoe maker has gifted the home secretary a discount card every year since she told Tory conference they were the “nasty party” — in what she subsequently revealed to be leopard print shoes from Russell & Bromley.

What is less well remembered, however, is the gift of “three pairs of Hot2Trot shoes” which only appear on the register of members’ interests for 26 November 2002 — and were custom made for May by Russell & Bromley designer Beverley Feldman.

Theresa May Hot2Trot shoes

And the emblem embroidered onto the front of one pair?

Red roses — the symbol of, errr, socialism and the Labour Party.

  1. The Red rose is what, good god your joking, the red rose of course is the red rose of Lancaster , the five petals of the wounds of Jesus, the Tudors.

    The rose is the emblem of England and may be the reason labour made the Union jack look like the English cross at the conference , that’s because well Miliband needs to get back the lost UKIP and the EDL voters and to show Labour is the party of the English.

    But dear god ask our young about socialism and they will tell you it dead.

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