EDL Tommy Robinson with flag

Reformed nice guy Tommy Robinson (© Quilliam Foundation 2013) has been told by police that he should consider moving house for his own safety. The Bedfordshire force have written to the English Defence League founder — who quit the group last week — advising that he is under an increased threat after he was featured in a video by Westgate shopping massacre group al-Shabaab:

“I am in receipt of the following information, which suggests that your personal safety is now in danger.”

“Further information has been received by the Police that there are some people looking to cause you harm.”

“Recently published internet material came to our attention; the content is extremist and [supports] violence by individuals purporting to represent a terrorist organisation.”

“While there [is no] direct threat made against you personally, it is believed that there may be an increased [threat to] your safety due to your inclusion in the programme.”

“It may be that you decide that it is more appropriate for you to move out of the area [subject to his bail conditions] for the foreseeable future. That is a matter for you to decide.”

With al-Shabaab based in Somalia — more than 4,000 miles from Robinson’s home town of Luton — he feels confident enough to boast that he will be in Luton’s Nando restaurant at midday:

Having run an extensive campaign against Halal meat, it would be pretty embarrassing if Robinson’s lunch was prepared according to Shari’ah law.

Errrrr …

MORE: Robinson’s letter in full:


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