Watching When Tommy Met Mo — a BBC documentary covering ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s engagement with Muslim commentator Mo Ansar — last night, Scrapbook couldn’t help laughing at Robinson’s pathetic attempts to maintain that his ‘animal rights’ stance against Halal meat is anything other than a proxy for Islamophobia.

Having brokered a discussion between Ansar and EDL activists in Luton, Robinson is invited to break the Ramadan fast with Ansar:

Ansar: “I think it’s a nice sign that we are able to come together to share me breaking the fast if that’s okay with you.”

Robinson: “I would love to break the fast with you ‘cos I am actually starving but if we could go to somewhere down the road that done Halal and non-Halal the it’d be more suitable for me.”

Was Nando’s not open? Robinson brags about eating chicken there on Twitter

… and it’s a Halal restaurant:

Luton Nandos is Halal

What a grade-A muppet.

  1. I don’t think the animal welfare issues of halal should be overlooked, or those who raise it at racists, as I don’t think we should let the superstitions of religious people trump issues of animal cruelty.

    The problem is you can never have a proper debate about it, as on one hand you have people who think if you don’t slit a throat in a certain way or say certain words then they’re not doing things right in the eyes of their God, and on the other hand you have people like Robinson who hijack the debate to fit in with their general anti-Islam rhetoric. He makes a very unlikely animal welfare activist, let’s put it that way.

  2. I would bet Tommy Robinson would shit bricks if he found out that some foods are naturally halal. Water is halal! Though perhaps this is why the EDL drinks so much beer.

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