Liam Fox at PMQs

Breathtaking hypocrisy from Liam Fox at PMQs, who claims that the Guardian’s coverage of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks had left “security personnel more vulnerable”:

“Can we have a full and transparent assessment of whether the Guardian’s involvement in the Snowden affair has damaged Britain’s national security?”

Fox obviously has a short memory. Two years ago this month a report from then cabinet secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell found that the former secretary of state for defence had risked the security of his staff by sharing his official diary with his close friend Adam Werritty.

“The disclosure outside MoD of details about future visits overseas posed a degree of security risk not only to Dr Fox, but also to the accompanying official party.”

Making security personnel more vulnerable, eh?


  1. You are seriously comparing Snowden’s leak of NSA intelligence gathering to Liam Fox’s “friend”? People won’t take this website seriously with articles like this.

  2. So wait, is the implication that you’re not allowed to point out something if it’s in any way hypocritical?

    Well that sorta fucks up EdM’s energy policy, right? Considering his green policies meant prices rises?


  3. @John – you miss the point totally. Several high level people have said the Guardian were absolutely correct in doing what they did, whereas Liam Fox was found absolutely to be a corrupt shit operating a separate foreign policy outside of his departments official stance.

  4. John’s right, and the article is a shameless ad hominen. That said, I’m in full support of the Guardian, I absolutely detest Fox and his party, and can see straight through Fox’s bullshit.

    He should be asking for an inquiry into the security & surveillance state, not into the Guardian – which is barely making money and appears to be the only UK paper that even cares.


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