Having been doing viral toys such as Ask Murdoch and the Liam Fox Business Card Generator since Us vs Th3m was a twinkle in Trinity Mirror’s eye, Scrapbook is returning to the microsite frey with HasGeorgeOsborneBeenToAFoodBankYet.com.

In an interview with Mehdi Hasan last December, Trussell Trust food bank director Chris Mould said:

“My message to George Osborne is: come to our food banks.”

Our new site keeps track of the number of days that Osborne has snubbed this invitation. Let’s just say it’s been a while:

Osborne is having a laugh.

  1. Croydon Conduce says:

    Apathetic, spoon fed little vermin! Of course he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the hardship some people have to endure. The people of Britain should hunt him down like cannibals and parade his body parts through London.

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