Did Lord Beaverbrook help Peter Dacre avoid the draft?

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre’s vicious attack on Ed Miliband’s war veteran father has given rise to collective head scratching at how his own journalist dad, Peter Dacre, managed to avoid the draft in Wold War II. With Sunday Express reporters hardly a vital component of the war effort, Scrapbook reckons his sometime role as personal assistant to Lord Beaverbrook provides a more likely explanation.

Born in 1925, Peter Dacre was 14 at the outbreak of the war but would have been eligible for conscription by his birthday on 8 June 1943, with nearly two years of European hostilities left to run. By this point the bar on 18 year-olds serving overseas had been lifted — meaning that Dacre Snr would have been eligible to serve alongside Ralph Miliband in the Normandy Landings. Peter Dacre wasn’t in the list of conscription exemptions and we know of no medical condition which would disbar him.*

Around this period, however, Dacre Snr had served as a personal assistant to Express proprietor Lord Beaverbrook, who just happened to hold a number of war ministries under Winston Churchill and who was lord privy sealthe fifth of the great officers of state — from 1943 when Peter Dacre became eligible for the draft.

So did Beaverbrook use his political clout to keep Peter Dacre out of harm’s way?

*If you know otherwise then get in touch.

  1. look to Leveson for the real reason for Dacres venom- immigrants like Milliband were grateful to Britain- Dacres Dad just another example of the establishment looking after their own… the establishment that Milliband snr disliked so much- so do I!
    PS when did socialist come to be a dirty word? It s time for a new socialist party that is proud to associate with the (democratic) unions and curb our runaway capitalist leaders and their pet press
    PPS can I call Cameron a crypto fascist running dog? (i love that expression…)

  2. muck racking indeed but this is the daily mail come on they slated Micheal Foot who volunteered but was not allowed to serve on medical grounds

  3. This is very important, the draft dodgers are very quick to abuse Milliband Senior as anti British, yet they refuse to take part in WWII, which was a justifiable war.

  4. a massive, spectaculer and long-awaited own goal by dacre. it shouldn’t come a surprise if – after the r.milliband smear – the vagina monologue’s own background comes under scrutiny.

    but don’t ask for embarrassment, humility or apology from dacre; the man’s incapable on all counts. if his father really did run away from the fight then the son’s a chip off the old block: he’s been sending minions like quentin letts around the tv studios to weather the shitstorm.

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