1. If thinking that losing the empire* made this country better means I hate Britain, then I guess I’m a hater.

    * or rather giving it back to it’s rightful owners

  2. All too often the ‘Right’ uses all manner of tactics to divert our attentions. This is just another one.
    R.I.P. Ralph Miliband. You’ve done your part.
    Cameron can you say the same?

  3. As well as Lord Rothermere many more met Hitler including Westminster Members of Parliament and royalty

    Rothermere family lost two sons in the first world war so perhaps he trying to avoid a second world war

  4. John Michael Fowler says:

    I think the photo of the Daily Mail owner meeting Hitler was before the holocaust.
    Miliband was a communist after the murder of the ‘kulaks’, after the forced famine of the Ukraine, after the purges, after the cultural reveloution of Mao, after the killing fields of Cambodia. Miliband defended the Cuban invasion of Angola only three years after the Nito Alves massacre, when thousands of communists were murdered so that Cuba could loot the country’s oil and sell it to the US.
    Miliband snr was scum, why did he still live here after 1945? He didn’t like the system of government, the state religion and in fact the people. He supported a right wing military military junta against a parliamentray democracy in the Falklands war.
    The Daily Mail I’m sure wouldn’t defend their pro facist stance of the 1930s, but Ed Miliband never condemns his father’s ingratitude and trechery, that is the difference. Also the Daily Mail isn’t putting forwards a candidate for PM, the Miliband clan are.

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