Lynton Crosby

David Cameron’s controversial adviser Lynton Crosby is set for a cash windfall with the election of Tony Abbott’s new Liberal government in Australia. New filings to the Australian lobbyists register reveal that CrosbyTextor — a firm Crosby owns jointly with pollster Mark Textor — has increased its portfolio of clients from, errrr, zero to twenty.

While the tobacco industry bodies which have embarrassed David Cameron are not currently listed as clients, CrosbyTextor’s roster includes a swathe of contruction and property interests, Big Oil, venture capital and investment firms, private healthcare and public sector outsourcing companies.

We can’t see who CosbyTextor’s UK clients are — because its shadowy London operation has shunned the transparency initiatives adopted by nearly all mainstream public affairs companies.

Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why the Lobbying Bill will do virtually nothing to deliver lobbying transparency.

MORE: Here’s the full list. If there’s something we should know about these companies then please get in touch.

  • Almona Pty Ltd
  • Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Ltd (APPEA)
  • Australian Rugby League Commission Limited
  • Benedict Recycling Pty Ltd
  • Beta Renewables
  • BlackBerry Australia Pty Ltd
  • Gruppo Pizzarotti
  • M and G Group
  • Brenex Australia Pty Ltd
  • Corporate Health Services Pty Ltd
  • Cape York Group Limited
  • Leda Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Mortlake Consolidated Pty Ltd
  • Parramatta Leagues’ Club Ltd
  • QGC Pty Ltd
  • Reconciliation Australia Limited
  • Taemas Group Pty Ltd
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia (New South Wales Division)
  • Amy Gillett Foundation
  • Plenary Group
  1. Some of these are charities! Others and industry associations and bodies. Most are not for-profit companies. Give up attacking anyone who does not support the left.
    Reconciliation Australia Limited – charity
    Amy Gillett Foundation – charity
    Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association – industry body
    Australian Rugby League Commission Limited – industry body
    Urban Development Institute of Australia (NSW) – industry body
    Butt out of Australian politics, especially if you can’t get your facts right.

  2. Guess what you communist idiot. Privitisation and economic liberalism is bipartisan in Australia. Labor here undertook many of the economic reforms which Thatcher undertook, at the same time. Economic reform included the floating of the Australian dollar, deregulation of the financial system, dismantling of the tariff system, privatised state sector industries, ended subsidisation of loss-making industries, and the sale of the state-owned Commonwealth Bank of Australia. State Labor Government in Queensland sold off railways, power etc as did State Labor in NSW. Public-private partnerships are common. Private healthcare is encouraged, with tax penalties for those who don’t get private healthcare. Public healthcare is only for those on benefits, and others only get a portion back.
    Australia is not a socialist country.

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