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The UK Border Agency has sent what are thought to be hundreds of intimidating text messages to British Citizens threatening them with deportation. The has come to light after a British man of a South Asian background was sent a message “from the UK Border Agency” which told him:

“You are required to leave the UK as you no longer have right to remain.”

Unfortunately for Theresa May’s Home Office — who run the Border Agency — and their contractor Capita, this morning’s Guardian diary reports that the message in question was sent to Suresh Grover, who founded an anti-racism charity. The messages are apparently intended for foreign nationals such as over-stayers, but with at least 200 formal complaints over the texts, the number of messages sent in error to British Citizens is thought to be much higher.

First the racist van — now the Home Office tell British Citizens to “get out”.

  1. Its about time somebody lost their job over the fiasco that is the Borders Agency & that someone is Theresa May.

  2. These are the same guys that chase TV licenses so I’d expect no less than over the top and intimidatory practices.

  3. Cole: Private contractors are indeed generally highly efficient (they do the work with fewer resources), but they’re often not very effective (they don’t do the work very well). Don’t confuse the two.

  4. If you do not do the correct job at all, you are neither efficient nor effective. Someone who is paid to verify a list and send it, but sends it without verification, did not efficiently verify the list and send it; they did only half the job. That is not efficiency; it’s incompetence.

  5. This amount to de facto harassment/intimidation. If I’d received one I’d be taking immediate legal advice with a view to proceedings for damages. It must be a horrifically worrying thing to happen to someone who has gone to the trouble of time-serving and getting naturalised citizenship status at some financial expense. It’s a bloody disgrace and heads should roll.

  6. How is Theresa May allowed to do all of this? This is absolutely vile behaviour and nothing short of completely reprehensible. It makes me sick to think that my country, the Britain the Tories are so quick to say is great, is terrorising its own citizens, splitting up families and making the rest of the world nervous with it’s despicable immigration policies.

  7. Jilly Bermingham says:

    If George Orwell were alive today he would sadly have much material for a sequel.

    However, the main worry should be that the Government is doing so much, NHS, Legal Aid etc.. that terrifying stories like this are not given the publicity they deserve.

    They can’t say it was human error, it was racial profiling of the worst kind. If there were 200 texts incorrectly sent then surely that is a Class Action waiting to happen.

  8. Dear Theresa May, please will you kindly honour your word & abolish CAFCASS.


    On 17th October 2004 the Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for the Family, Theresa May, pledged to end the misery of the family courts. Unveiling a strategy for institutional change.

    Under the proposals, CAFCASS, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, will be abolished. Theresa May said:

    “CAFCASS has been a disaster from Day One. Its officers write tens of thousands of trivial reports each year – on decent families caught up in divorce. CAFCASS breeds heartache and delay. CAFCASS clogs up the system. It’s the bottleneck in the divorce system wasting hundreds of millions of pounds a year.”

  9. It does not surprise me that my local MP, the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, would be at the centre of something like this, she really does not have clue and has never produced an original idea.

    As an example back in 2004 to 2008 whilst she was in opposition, I approach here concerning fraud with the Department of Work and Pension, namely the Disability Living Allowance.

    All the Documentation that went through her to then Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pension, was headed up with a 2 tone inverted crown (from my family crest) and in large letters NCA (for the New Cyber Army) it is actually my copyright since it was formed in the late 1980’s

    So what does she do, she puts for the National Crime Agency, abbreviated to the NCA carrying an inverted logo of the crown.

    Interestingly the National Crime Agency (press office) and the Home Office have issued a ‘no comment’ in respect of breach of copyright.

  10. Interesting that the brief to Crapita is described as to target people on visas who have had ‘negative outcomes’.

    Aside from the fact that this man is a British citizen whose right to remain cannot be questioned, could it be that the ‘negative outcome’ may be the Home Office interpretation of his work on anti-racism, or his role in bringing some degree of justice to the Stephen Lawrence killers?

    Because there are both racist and political overtones to this which are very worrying. And more than 39,000 people have been targeted in this way!

  11. Probably these private contractors are great for their shareholders and crap for their customers – who they no doubt run rings around. Are these bureaucrats in any way competent to manage contracts of this sort? And does anyone care?

  12. were these guys on the TPS? i’m sure these people didn’t opt in to receive this menacing txt messages, it’s a totally misuse of private information.

  13. Every time I see this lady – Teresa May – I remember the article where she states that “Sex offenders and pedophiles should be given the chance to adopt children.”

    Dear Teresa,

    Find another job
    Obviously you are useless in this one.

    By: A foreign resident of Britain

  14. It’s time this Gov got the vote of no confidence they so much deserve snd also time Crapita stopped being given Gov contracts.

  15. So we have a racist corporate state which is cavalier with the rule of law, discriminates against the disabled and the vulnerable, lines the pockets of the very rich and is intent on whittling away at civil liberties. Oswald Mosley would be cackling and rubbing his hands with glee. Most of the qualifications for a Fascist Britain are being met. With a democracy like this, who needs a dictatorship?

  16. The conservatives appear to make everyone feel uneasy as they appear to make up law after law on a daily basis and change them on a daily basis. I just cant keep up with it. David Cameron appears to be an elected dictator. Are his MPS scared of him. They need to stand up to him more often.

  17. David Cameron do you really want to win the next elections. Concentrate on population expansion and its effects on the environment, pollution, employment, and the actual cost of supporting an expanding population. Encourage businesses to grow to get more jobs. Thus reducing the cost of keeping unemployed people. Rather than huge taxes at source allow citizens to spend their money to stimulate growth of the economy. Encourage manufacturing so that we produce cars wine and electrical goods like other strong economies do. Speak to the Germans and the French get advice on how to stimulate growth in an economy. STOP WASTING TAX PAYERS MONEY. Stop relying on the rich to support the poor. A strong economy should support all without being a burden to anyone

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