This isn’t the first time that the Daily Mail and the BNP leader have found themselves on the same side either.

Back in February he backed the newspaper after it suggested the Vicky Pryce speeding fraud trial collapsed because the jury were black.

  1. I like to think the DM would want Nick to back off from this argument, they’re already clutching at straws, knowing they look bad, and to make things worse for them, Nick Griffom comes plodding it into all. Just bloody say sorry, and continue reporting sensationalist nonesense like you suually do, and we’ll all forget about this in no time.

  2. Has there ever been a immigrant to Britain that hasn’t lied cheated robbed rioted looted murdered or connived to destroy the British people

    From Peter the Painter to the Miliband’s as well as all the immigrants the Labour Party are bringing in for their vote not one has brought any thing good for the British people

    Miliband’s father serving with the Belgium Royal Navy in WW2 is no argument for millions joined the same fight as my brother did born in the same year joined up 3 years before Miliband’s father

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