There’s certainly no love lost between Alan Sugar and Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre:

“The trouble with them [Daily Mail] is they’re so arrogant. They support some of their deep rooted journalists that have been with them for a long, long time. There is a special ilk of people that work at the Daily Mail, nasty, nasty people and it starts at the top with this Paul Dacre guy who has gone too far this time. I think the shareholders of the Daily Mail group have got to demand his resignation.”

Commenting on Alastair Campbell tweeting the location of Dacre’s home:

“I’m not advocating that there should be any form of violence or anything like that. My address is in the public domain, the Daily Mail have put it in the public domain many times. My business address has been in the public domain. The Daily Mail has had no qualms about putting it in their newspaper many a time. I’m not advocating that there should be any forms of illegal actions at his address but it would be quite funny if there was a demonstration outside demanding his resignation.”

Liberal Conspiracy editor Sunny Hundal may well take Sugar up on his suggestion:

  1. I think rather than waste our energy on the Daily Heil we should be concentrating on the people that hate us even more. Downing Street is where we should be focussing our attention!

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