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After party chairman Grant Shapps attempted to intimidate the BBC ahead of the Coulson/Brooks hacking trial at the weekend, the CCHQ press office have attempted to bully an individual journalists by smearing them. Deputy head of press Ric Holden (@RicHolden) has taken to Twitter to berate Metro hack Joel Taylor (@JoelTaylorMetro), falsely accusing him of being a paid-up Labour supporter:

Attempting to publicly ‘out’ a journalist as supporting another party shreds the rule book for engagement between hacks and party press officers. Embarrassingly for Holden, Taylor is giving as good as he gets — pointing out that he is not a member of any party and the speech used by Holden to make his claim is available to anyone online. 

With @ToryEducation-linked troublemaker Dominic Cummings finally shown the exit during the reshuffle, is Holden staking a claim to be the Tories’ biggest Twitter troll?

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