With her attention-seeking behaviour offending Tory colleagues almost as much as her Labour and Lib Dem foes, Nadine Dorries has dismally failed in her bid to become deputy speaker of the Commons — coming last with just 13 of 551 votes.

The Tory replacing former deputy speaker Nigel Evans — who has stepped down to defend sex charges — is Eleanor Laing, who secured victory after six rounds of transfers under the first transferable vote system (FULL RESULTS).


UPDATE: Deluded Dorries is now blaming her defeat on Labour MPs turned off by her abortion campaigning! The Bedfordshire MP has told her local paper:

“One of the Labour MPs told me that Labour are never going to vote for an MP who campaigns on abortion and that’s it.

“That was a bit of a blow really because it’s not an election based on issues. It is supposed to be one based on impartiality and there is no one more impartial than me.

“When I was told that I kind of knew I wasn’t going to get it, I didn’t think that Labour would actually let an issue like that come into it, but apparently it did and they said they just won’t allow someone who campaigns on abortion to progress in the House.

“They call themselves a sophisticated electorate but I think that is probably code word for machiavellian, but that’s what makes Parliament so fascinating and interesting.”

  1. Had to laugh at ‘Third Degree’ Simon Burns coming fifth – after resigning as a a minister to contest this election.

  2. why is it fair to use transferable voting systems for the speaker and not for electing a government? shenanigans!!!

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