Grant Shapps failed O'Level

When Grant Shapps scrubbed a reference to his O-levels from Wikipedia the Tory chairman noted in the edit that information about his exams was “not verifiable”, before later telling journalists that — rather than correct the entry — he deleted the information because he had “five not four O-levels”.

But a breakdown provided by his alma mater to the editor of the Welwyn Hatfield Times provides a more plausible motivations for Shapps’ censorship — that he failed his science exam. Indeed, when the story of Shapps’ edits broke a year ago this month his spokesman refused to tell journalists what grades he had attained.

Grant Shapps Wikipedia edit

Contrary to the Shapps’ initial claims to journalists, it turns out he had six O-levels, not five. The episode can be added to the charge sheet for Westminster’s leading spiv:

In a strategy he has employed before, the author of “Stinking Rich” tried to “own the joke” over exam results by posing for a photo with his school record.

  1. It was always made clear to me at school that a ‘U’ in a subject means one does not have a certificate in that subject – and as a result, even if one had studied for eleven exams, having one graded ‘U’ (in fact ungraded) means one has actually ten certificates, not eleven.

    In that sense, Mr Shapps would appear to be completely correct and this website would appear to continue being an enormous steaming pile of shit.

    Further to this, allow me to state for the record that I received a U in Additional Mathematics and it’s not on my CV.

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